interactive marketing

Interactive Marketing is a one-to-one marketing process wherein the marketer communicates messages based on the actions, queries, as well as doubts of individual customers and prospects. The method is more effective than direct marketing. Unlike traditional marketing strategies, the Interactive marketing is triggered primarily by the customer’s queries, behavior or his preferences.

It includes two-way communication to allow the clients to speak to the company directly. Companies practice this strategy either by organizing a direct meet with the clients or by using emails, blogs, and social media platform.

Different Types of Interactive Marketing

– Create a meaningful experience for the customer with personalized contents.

– Introduce interactive storytelling to deal with the customer’s queries.

– Educate the clients by providing layered information.

– Engage the customers with two-way interactions such as games, quiz, and more.

– Utilize interactive data visualization, videos as well as calculators.

Benefits of Interactive Marketing

– Personalization

– High delivery rate

– Quick response

– Improves sales conversion rate

– High customer satisfaction

– Hence helps to have a word-of-mouth marketing

– Also, it is a cost-effective approach

– Increased audience engagement

– Easily build a long-term relationship

Difficulties of Implementing Interactive Marketing

– You require access to all customers data

– Targeting may not help always

– Invest time to understand your customer and marketplace better


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