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Blue Mail Media Helps a Retail & Ecommerce Industry increase its sales Customized List Solutions

About The Client

The client is one of the prominent titles for professionals in multichannel retail & eCommerce businesses across the United Kingdom and Europe. Enthused by the commercial to the core, the company analyses, encourages and challenges the retail community in the form of analysis, news, events, and insight. With 36,000+ subscribers across the UK and Europe, its core audience comprises of multichannel retailers and leading online with an annual turnover of more than £20M per annum.

Phase 1


The client approached Blue Mail Media to get a list of top 1000 retailers in New York City. Their primary requirement was to obtain the list of directors, Vice Presidents, CEOs, CTOs, and other top-level executives from Ecommerce, Multichannel, Merchandising, Operations, IT, Retail, and Marketing sector. As they had fewer records of this specific segment, they found it challenging to reap the higher returns from marketing campaigns.

Solutions Phase

Blue Mail Media helped the client by building a customized list of high-level authorities from the top retailer & eCommerce industry. Our team retrieved the data of these professionals in New York City from our repository consisting of millions of accurate and updated B2B records. Every record was verified using sophisticated tools and manual procedures before delivering it to our client. It took five business days to process the list as per the client requirement.

Phase 2


As clients were happy with our previous list, they approached us again with a different requirement.  They wanted to update the contacts sourced from us with the addition of the new department and target location. The team asked us to create a custom list based on various titles including, Human Resources Executives, Vice Presidents, Presidents, Head of Operations, Director, and other higher management professionals from Learning & Development, Mental Health Diversity & Inclusion People, and Health & Safety industry with an employee size of more than 1000.

The client’s requirements for target locations were segmented into three different categories.

  • Target area 1 included New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C.
  • Target area 2 comprised of California, Washington, Michigan, and Ohio.
  • Target area 3 is Texas, Florida, and Georgia.

Solutions Phase

Blue Mail Media was happy to help this repeated client with an exceptional solution. Our team of professionals analyzed the client’s new requirement to offer a highly customized list as per their target criteria. The custom list now covered details of the professionals mentioned above from various departments and regions specified by clients. The details we offered included the company name, contact name, email address, phone number, mailing address, SIC/NAICS code, revenue, employee size, and other important details.

Final Outcome

The customized solution from Blue Mail Media helped the clients run an effective marketing campaign for the three categories of target regions.

  • Clients witnessed an improvement in the campaign response rate by 25%.
  • The deliverability rate of the campaign increased from 92.7% to 96.5%.
  • The campaign derived the upsurge in the revenue from 310% to 460%.
  • Clients met the right prospects in the market by utilizing our custom list.
  • They were successful in retaining the old customers with the updated list.


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