How to Boost Delivery Rates with Verification & Validation [White Paper]

You can measure the achievement of your email-marketing campaign by the number of subscribers you have raked at the end of the day. Subscribers are members who respond to your marketing mail and have replied or interacted to your emails at least once. Your efforts will be a failure if the recipients have not interacted with your marketing email.

Email verification and validation is part of the larger effort to ensure your emails reach qualified recipients
and to check if email addresses are deliverable. It bolsters the quality lead generation.

  • Challenges Manifesting Sender Reputation And Delivery Rate
  • Factors that affect sender reputation are
  • Benefits of Validation
    • Easy detection and correction of Email Syntax
    • Authentication Of Domain Status
    • Check The Subsistence Of Mailbox
    • Dodging Spam Traps And Tricky Emails Addresses
  • Boosting Reputation with Validation
  • Spam traps
  • Avoiding Role-Based Email Blast
  • Handling Email List Vitality
  • Using Validation The Right Way



    Arun Anto, Creative Director- Sales