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GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation came into enforcement on May 25th, 2018. It is a European Union’s updated privacy law that broadens the definition of personal data. Under this new regulation, any company which involves in marketing the products and services to the individuals in the EU will have an effect of GDPR.

GDPR will be a game changer for everyone

Blue Mail Media is ready to meet the obligations as a data processor. You can review the steps taken by our team to stay GDPR compliant.

Disclaimer: We do not represent any bodies of the law, so the use of this resource does not supplement legal advice. We insist you consult an attorney for any authorized advice related to GDPR. This website provides only the background information to help you better understand how Blue Mail Media addresses the legal points.

Our GDPR Free Guide

So, how prepared are you for this newly updated regulation? Learn how GDPR helps businesses as well as individuals in detail. We created a free guide that explains what the GDPR is, how it protects personal data and also its impact on organizations. Hence download it now to determine your next step.

GDPR in a nutshell
How Blue Mail Media helps you

How Blue Mail Media Helps You?

As your trusted marketing solution partner, we dedicate to help you on your GDPR compliance voyage. Blue Mail Media strictly follow the ‘Right to be informed’ policy.

  • We inform every individual or the company about the usage of their data.
  • Our team will either call them or send an individual email to provide the information.
  • We offer the link to our privacy statement if we have obtained the data indirectly.
  • We also inform them about the usage of their data in marketing.
  • Our team will explain the data subject about how they can deny or rectify their personal information.
  • To delete your data, you can send an email to We will process your request accordingly.
  • Also, our every email includes the opt-out option.
code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct

We follow a stringent code of conduct to keep your data safe and also updated. You can find more on this on our privacy policy page.

  • At every point of contact, we carry out a fair as well as a transparent process.
  • Our team does not collect sensitive or minor information.
  • We collect the data on legitimate interest in the public domain.
  • We notify you of any data breach incidents.
  • Our team commits to rectify the data breaches found.
  • We use organizational and technical measures to handle data protection and security issues.
security and privacy measures

Security and Privacy Measures

At Blue Mail Media, protecting the privacy and security of our customers’ information is a top priority.

  • We employ security and also privacy professionals with expertise in application, information, and network security.
  • Our team maintains the company’s security systems, build security infrastructure, and also implements our company’s security policies.
  • We comply with several other standards, regulations, and also certifications including DMA certification, and BBB standards.
  • All the information is password protected and hence transferred in an encrypted format.
  • Our team ensures that one can access the data only on a need to know basis.
  • We perform constant data monitoring to identify the data breaches.
  • Our company will also run full data audit trails.

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