Top 10 Lead Generation Trends Every B2B Marketers Must Know

Lead generation plays a crucial role in the company’s success. Be it through telemarketing, advertising, customer referrals, or other traditional strategies; it works best for industries when implemented appropriately. Since it is an essential aspect for any B2B company to move towards higher sales rates and ROI, one cannot take this method for granted at any part of their journey. Numerous businesses have already reaped benefits from this technique outstandingly.

If you want to become one among them, you must spend the time learning the strategies they follow in their business operations. Worry not, if you are running low on time or unable to manage your time for lead generation plans. This write-up lists some of the well-tested strategies practiced by successful companies to attain success quickly. Study them in detail and follow the same in your day-to-day marketing activities.

1. Professional Help

It is always preferred to take help from professionals in your field. Especially if you are a start-up company or an entrepreneur, you should not hesitate to follow this step before moving forward. Every industry wants to stay ahead in the business competition, but it will not happen without proper guidance from the experienced or expertise in your segment.

This step will save you from trial and error methods and thereby save your time and money. Find the right person to guide you throughout your plan and build your reputation in the B2B space. LinkedIn is known as one of the best platforms to find such experts in your field and take their help.

2. Public Relations

Your company might provide quality products or services to the customers, but it will not be of much help if people cannot recognize your brand. Hence you must pay attention to building your brand value in the market and imprint it in the minds of the customers. Public relations or PR helps you in this aspect. You can do so by following below-mentioned tips.

  • Generate more and more press releases.
  • You must talk to the media, partner agencies, brand partners, and your industry friends.
  • Participate in events.
  • Serve as brand sponsors for various events.
  • Try to maximize editorial coverage.

These steps will improve the value of your company profile since it helps in sharing your business stories with the target audience. With the help of the PR, you can easily communicate your message or information to the individuals who are interested in your product.

3. Paid Search (PPC)

Apart from PR, you can also opt for paid search to build brand awareness. Although you may have to spend some money on it, the result will guarantee a smile on your face. With the paid search, you can make your business appear on the first page of the search engine.

This method increases the traffic to your website and also helps in generating a significant number of leads for your company. But always make sure, your page has the solution to the problem of the website visitors or meets their requirements. Otherwise, you may have to lose the potential prospects even after driving them towards your site.

4. Blogging

Do not forget to blog! Always write about topics that interest your customers and that are relevant to your business operations. This strategy helps in providing insight about your company to your prospects and builds brand value gradually. With the new content, you can sound professional in your field, and your audience will not hesitate to come to you for any help.

Hence come up with the exclusive content that not only helps your readers but also encourages them to share such materials with other readers. Besides, include appropriate call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your blog and ask your readers to subscribe to your future articles in a pleasing tone. Always position your blog as the right medium or gateway for conversion other than providing sufficient knowledge to readers. By this way, you can quickly generate leads and also gain authority in your segment.

5. Online Advertisement

It is one of the easiest ways to catch the public eye immediately. Most people spend their time online either browsing, reading or comparing and buying products that interest them. Hence it is the right place to spread information about your brand to a large group of audience. You can either display lead ads or survey forms online to gain the attention of readers.

Primarily through survey pop-ups, you can increase the brand value and also get to know more about your customers and their problems. It will help you come up with the right solution in the form of blogs, or other materials that interest them.

6. Print Advertisement

Print advertising still works best in this digital era. Some people buy magazines, newspapers, and books instead of reading the contents on the webpage. These people always keep a check on advertisements printed in such supplies. Apart from newspapers and magazines, you can also issue your lead ads in brochures, leaflets or booklets that readers can view anytime they receive.

The best part of the printed advertisement is that readers can keep it with them and consider taking action now or in the future. Hence do not forget to implement this lead generation strategy once in a while at least.

7. Mobile Marketing

It is one of the widely used strategies worldwide. Most of the B2B businesses realized the importance of mobile marketing and are trying to optimize their website for such devices. This newly emerged trend helps in generating more leads at a less time compared to traditional methods. To make the best use of this strategy,

  • You have to optimize all your content on the mobile screen.
  • Make your Call-To-Action (CTA) button small and clickable.
  • Also, keep your form mobile-friendly.
  • Use Progressive profiling to fill out the forms in the mobile devices.
  • Make your email address and phone number clickable.

8. Webinars

It is one of the ideal methods chosen by many B2B industries to generate sales-ready quality leads. Webinars will create many subscribers and thereby help you stay ahead of your business competitors. It is an unprecedentedly effective marketing technique for lead generation in this highly competitive world. Since it is an interactive medium, users can involve themselves fully in such events, ask questions, and also share their feedback on the spot.

According to some research, there is a 75% chance of audience viewing a video rather than reading your blog or other text materials. Among them, 97% of the people do not hesitate to leave their contact details also. Hence utilize this extremely suitable technique for lead generation in your business to reap good yield out of it.

9. Event Marketing

Event marketing must be an integral part of any lead generation process. You can either organize small events with a limited number of audiences or large scale trade shows, but always make sure your activities will be of help to the attendees and encourage them to attend your upcoming programs. It offers the stage to speak about your brand, solutions, clarify the doubts of your customers, and communicate with them directly.

Apart from engaging with your customers, it also gives attendees an opportunity to interact with each other. Event marketing is the right tool to generate strong leads for your company compared to other tactics. With this strategy, you can stand as a trusted leader in your segment and build a positive image in your customer’s mind.

10. Social Media

With the help of social media, you can create a fan following for your company on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Hence create a profile in the platforms where your customers are active and build trust in them. Share your products and services, and also discuss with them about your upcoming projects.

Take their suggestions, respond to their queries, and treat social media as your customer service channel. With relevant posts and updates on social media channels, try to grab as many leads as possible for your business. Although you have to invest some of your time and effort in this task, it will produce the desired result in the end.

Bottom Line

It isn’t the end. The list keeps growing. There are various other lead generation strategies one can implement in their day-to-day business operations. You can also come up with new plans that are unique and will draw the attention of the leads. But do not hesitate to give it a try.