How Can Email Marketing Automation Improve Customer Experience?

Email plays a significant role in today’s marketing tactics. A successful email marketing campaign is capable of enhancing customer engagement and increase conversion rate. However, as any business matures in size and the buying cycle gets intricate, upholding a one-to-one connection with prospects and customers using personalized emails can be quite a tedious task.

Utilization of marketing automation tools will reduce your burden in such scenarios. Such tools will quickly automate your email campaign activities and help you build an engaging relationship with the audience. In this article, let us see the various ways in which email marketing automation improves customer experience.

1. Email Preference Center

Good customer experience is about letting your customers control how and what they want to receive from your brand. Failing to do so will eventually increase the number of people unsubscribing from your mailing lists. That’s where the email preference center comes to rescue.

Business2CommunityImage Source: Business2Community

Some tips on using an email preference center to improve customer experience include:

  • Provide an option to change their email address
  • Give them an opportunity to select the category of content they want to read about
  • Let the subscribers decide how often they wish to receive your emails
  • Supply a link to the preference center in your every email (in the header or footer)
  • Provide them an option to unsubscribe from your list anytime

2. Automation of Welcome Emails

When any of your audience signs up for your email newsletter, send them an automated welcome email to make a great first impression. Welcome emails are known to have the highest open rates. According to a survey conducted by GetResponse, welcome emails have an average open rate of 82%. That’s pretty interesting. Isn’t it?

Your automated welcome emails can include:

  • Your introduction
  • Thank you message
  • Some special offer
  • Walk-through of your webpage

Consider this example by Marvel. Marvel’s welcome email has adorable illustrations and sufficient resources for starters, along with informative video tutorials. Without any doubt, this minimalistic design will keep the readers focused.MarvelImage Source: Marvel

3. Personalization of Email Content

Email personalization is a vital part of marketing strategies. According to the DMA report, targeted emails are capable of generating around 58% of all revenue. Email marketing automation tools can help you achieve this tailor-made message by using a customer’s:

  • Preferences and needs
  • Buying journey
  • Past email activity
  • Current location
  • Gender and age
  • Website activity

Monica Vinader sent out one such personalized emails to all its subscribers. With a subject line – “This season it’s personal,” their email includes subscriber’s name along with their initial on images.

Monica VinaderImage Source: Monica Vinader

4. Tracking Customer’s Journey

Sending highly personalized messages based on a customer journey is a challenging task for marketers. However, the right email automation tool simplifies the understanding of the customer journey and allows you to connect with them relevantly.

Sophisticated tracking tools will aid you in monitoring the journey of your subscriber from the email, to your product page, and to the phone so you can easily learn the reason behind their interest in your brand. Using this, you can optimize your marketing strategies in case your customers aren’t responding to any of your messages.

Really Good EmailsImage Source: Really Good Emails

Similarly, some tools help you route calls from emails or a website to the right customer service representative and thereby offer them with the real context for the request. This builds a smooth brand experience for the customers.

5. Asking Customer Feedbacks

Last but not least, use automation tools to ask customer feedback. It helps you engage your customers in two-way communication and thereby build a closer relationship with them.

For example, Charlie Hustle has created short and snappy in-email feedback form. This form allows subscribers to send their feedback in the message itself, without having to open any browser. Plus, customers can immediately identify that this is a review email.

Charlie HustleImage Source: Charlie Hustle

This feedback generally offers valuable insight into what your customers want from your brand. Using this, you can modify your existing marketing strategies and show your audience that you’re willing to bring any changes to your approach on their behalf.


Email marketing automation tools empower your business with several options, such as attracting leads, nurturing them, and eventually building seamless customer experience. So, without delay, choose an automation tool that will manage your email campaigns and facilitates a better connection with the audience.