Top 7 Email Append Mistakes You Must Avoid

Email is the oldest form of communication which extensively helps the industries worldwide. According to Statista report, the number of active email users is said to reach 5.6 billion by the end of this decade. This improvement is an add-on to the businesses that include email marketing strategy to increase their sales pitch.

The companies require complete and accurate data about B2B professionals to make use of this strategy successfully. In few cases, the information maintained in the database is incomplete due to several reasons. To overcome such challenges, the marketers utilize Email Append Services in their businesses. It is the finest and dependable way to revamp the database.

Organizations across the globe practice this service to ease the flow of business communication. It is the process of taking client’s data and matching it against vendor’s database to add any missing email addresses. By implementing this service in your business, you can reactivate old customers and also improve ROI significantly.

Although it is a brilliant marketing tactic used across the globe, one has to play by rules to avoid some common mistakes while using this service. If your organization does not afford to make mistakes, then take a look at those mistakes before practicing this service.

1. Compromise With Quality

The marketers usually settle for a low-quality service when they are new to it. We can find a lot of vendors who offer e-append package at different price tags. Some organizations fail to see the quality hidden behind their quotations. It is highly advisable not to get carried away by a low price tag. The price does not always assure quality. The quality of data must have higher priority than its fee to process. Otherwise, you may have to spend some extra amount in future stages.

The marketers should also research on their own to find out the reputation of vendors in the market, who are their other clients, the location, and industry information of clients, and also about the other services offered by vendors. Never rush to purchase from the first vendor you encounter. This method helps you in identifying the best merchant in the market. Apart from that, before buying from any of them, you should discuss the exact requirement of your business. Also, make sure how they help in bringing the expected result.

2. Ignoring Undeliverable Results

While organizations invest time and amount to buy these services, sometimes they forget to consider the undeliverable consequences. It is the responsibility of the organizations to make sure that the vendor’s database includes only ideal email-ids of prospects. By following this technique in advance, one can reduce the number of undeliverable results enormously. Also, the effort of the marketers in sorting and compiling attractive messages do not go in vain.

So, always opt for the vendors who provide maximum deliverable guarantee. Businesses can expect the same level of customer service from their vendors that they give to their customers. In case, if vendors fail to provide a better result in a given period, he should be responsible for crediting your account.

3. Eliminating Cleaning Process

When you buy this service for your business, make sure the vendor performs cleaning process along with the email list generation. As the email address provided by them plays a crucial role in successful campaigns, the vendor should take special care on cleaning it. They must assure you that the given data has no typos, errors or missing information.

Besides that, the vendor’s hygiene service must also adhere to the United States Federal anti-spam law known as CAN-SPAM and other regulations in email marketing sector. Along with this regulation, they should also consider your companies unsubscribe list.

4. Overlooking Opt-In Email Option

Once you buy it from a vendor, you should follow specific rules to reduce the bounce rate effectively. Most of the opt-in database provided by vendors have resulted in increased bounce rate. You have to verify such permission-based databases beforehand. One must use this opt-in database to send welcome or subscription mail to the newly updated list to validate the address.

It assists you in collecting only the verified and opt-in email addresses. By following this simple step, you can quickly identify the interested group of users who are willing to receive your product updates. This method also helps in assuring the privacy of the prospects and therefore, building a chain of trust. If you do not wish to see your service blacklisted by Internet Service Provider (ISP), you must take a serious note of this rule.

5. Increased Personalized Emails

Having a list of potential prospects is the most significant treasure for any organization. To improve the relationship with them, most of the companies often send individual messages. If you are using this strategy to build a strong bond with a client, then you are wrong. Always receiving the personalized emails will not only annoy your prospects but also lead to future negligence.

To attract or retain the customers, one can send personalized messages, but over-doing it will cause more harm to the business reputation. So, try to avoid this strategy as much as possible to maintain a stable place in the market.

6. Appending Third Party Emails

With the intention of growing the business rapidly, the companies often fail to notice some minor glitches. Instead of attaching the missing emails of members or customers, they also try to append the emails to the third party or prospects database. Some try to use this tactic as a solution to high bounce rate. Unfortunately, it does not help the marketers to increase their deliverability. Instead, it leads to the increase in spam rate and the Internet Service Providers may blacklist or block your services permanently.

So, to avoid all such impending issues, the marketers must perform e-appending only on the individuals or the customers who interacted with you earlier. Say NO to this mistake strictly.

7. Not Considering Opt-Out Option

Whenever you begin with email marketing strategy, you should always consider the permission of the recipient. By providing an opt-out option, the uninterested recipients can remove themselves from your email list. This way, your message will not get into a spam folder, and your in-house database will remain clean. The organizations should always provide this option for all the newly appended user list before beginning with the campaign.

It should be a common practice to include this technique in a welcome mail which speaks about your company, offers, and ideas. This method will help your business to target only the interested candidates and thereby saving the time and cost. One should also note that e-appending service may not give you an immediate result. So, plan your strategy wisely and have some patience to see the desired output.

Few studies proved that almost 3% of the email addresses become obsolete within a month’s time. A wrong or an old email address will hinder your business growth. So, while integrating e-appending in your business, be sure to avoid all the mistakes mentioned above. An efficient marketing strategy is a must to evade such issues in your organization.

Thus, invest some time and energy to find the reputed vendor in the market. When a vendor with more experience performs this service ethically, it is said to produce the better outcome. If you are considering an error-free appending service for your business, then contact Blue Mail Media who follows a transparent and standardized procedure to deliver you the best result.