World No Tobacco Day 2016

At Blue Mail Media, WE mean this article while Fulfilling our responsibilities towards our consumers, employees as well as our wider society!

We nourish our company’s core value in Success and Responsibility that go together.

Our responsibility emerged from a realization of the need to account for and redress the adverse impact of Tobacco on society:

World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is observed every year on May 31. It is intended to boost a 24-hour period of abstinence from every form of tobacco consumption around the world.

World No-tobacco Day is further meant to draw attention to the extensive predominance of tobacco use as well as to adverse health effects, which currently lead to nearly 6 million deaths each year worldwide, including 600,000 of which is the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.

World No Tobacco Day was formed by the member states of the World Health Organization in 1987. In the last twenty years, the day has been marked with both eagerness and resistance all over the world from governments, public health organizations, smokers, growers, and the tobacco industry.

World No Tobacco Day 2016 comes off with the measure of plain packaging of tobacco products. It helps cut down the attractiveness of tobacco products, restricts the use of tobacco packaging as a mode of advertising, limits misleading packaging and labeling.

Smokers have a feel that there’s no such experience better than lighting up after a hard day’s work. But most smokers also wish to put an end to their nasty smoking habit.

Today, on world tobacco day 2016, you should take a resolution to put an end to your nasty habit!

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.

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