Why Bluemail

The primary advantage of using Blue Mail Media direct marketing services is that you can roll simple but measurable marketing initiatives where you can easily test variables before committing all your resources to a particular approach.

Sheer Choice

Blue Mail Media can provide you with access to every commercially available marketing databases and mailing lists.


Our valuable databank is highly recommended for its deliverability, result driven and individuality. When we give a mailing list recommendation, you can be assured of the best list for your campaign.

Experience & Expertise

Blue Mail Media stands as a seasoned sales lead honcho that has not only allowed marketers to target the best prospects within minimum time but has also worked hand in and to transform struggling marketing campaigns into reigning success. Here we see all of the mailing lists in action all the time and that’s why we know what works (and what doesn’t). Our experience is your advantage.

Samuel Joseph, Sales Head