Client Background

The client is a webinar services company located in South Carolina that offers on-demand and download content services and a robust catalog of live webinars for human resources and nonprofit professionals to cover key management issues, new regulations, and newly emerging topics.

Phase 1


As the client provided services for nonprofit professionals, they had to extend their nonprofit domain visibility. But the problem was that they didn’t have access to nonprofit organizations, which kept them from reaching their target audience and getting maximum benefits from their email campaigns. The client approached Blue Mail Media from their office in South Carolina for the Nonprofit organizations’ list in the USA to reach their target audience consisting of the titles Director, C Level, senior managers, VP, and HR Professionals (All levels).

Solutions Phase

With the help of customized market research, account-based outreach, and a human intelligence approach, Blue Mail Media helped the client with a customized list of 10,000 records, which enabled them to reach the professionals in the nonprofit organizations in the USA.

Phase 2


Happy with their previous experience, the client entrusted Blue Mail Media with another task of targeting the US’s human resources decision-makers. Clients found it hard to gather a list of the most up-to-date and valid information about human resources decision-makers in the United States. With the help of a targeted and verified HR email list, they would be able to target HR executives of the top companies in the US.

Solutions Phase

To help the clients, Blue Mail Media provided them with high-quality, well-researched records of over 50,000 top-notch human resource professionals, consisting of their contact name, job title, Address, Email Address, Company name, website URL, and other details. The records were collated from the most trusted data outlets from within the industry.

Phase 3


Excited by the success of their previous two campaigns, the client approached Blue Mail Media again with a new requirement but this time the client wanted Blue Mail Media to get to the core of their target market with additional filters. Their requirements includes:

Criteria 1:

Audience: Human Resources Decision Makers (which includes HR, benefits, compensation, hiring, recruitment, Employee relations) in USA with 50+ Employee Size.

Levels: C-Level/Head, VP Level, Director Level, Manager Level, Generalist.


Criteria 2:

Industry: Non Profit                              Titles: All

Employee Size: 25+                              Geography: US


Criteria 3:

Attorneys who specialized in Labor and Employment Law

Solutions Phase

Blue Mail Media took on the challenge and provided the client with a total of 67,600 records with highly targeted, accurate and verified emails that helped pinpoint their best prospects from three different categories. As the requirement of the client was highly specific, Blue Mail Media used various filters to build a highly targeted list for the client. Before incorporating the data into the client’s database, it was validated, cleansed, and updated to ensure the best quality and authenticity.

Final Outcome

The customized email lists from Blue Mail Media helped spur growth in the client’s email marketing campaigns by targeting different target groups. The result was:

  • The clients witnessed a 620% increase in ROI.
  • The deliverability rate of their email campaign witnessed a rise from 73% to 96.3%.
  • The email open rates also jumped from 20% to 30%.
  • The pace of the client’s sales cycle increased, and their reach was maximized with the help of high-quality data.

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