Top Email Marketing Trends that are prevailing in 2015

The competitive business scenario today, suggests that every marketer should be updated with the changing trends of email marketing which is speedily evolving. Amongst other factors, these changes are mostly steered by consumer characteristics and marketing procedures that are currently trending.

In every marketing campaign, content plays the major role, so you must always furnish your consumers with relevant, useful and interesting information’s. Remember that you can easily draw your consumer’s attention with a great written piece or an attractive visual content before offering your products and services to them. So, if you are interested to know the trends that are dominating in 2015 in detail, then check out the following points.

1. Engaging Customers with quality content:

Today, people have become doubtful about websites that ask for any kind of personal details, so from this year companies are spending more money to create better email content for their audience, they are offering free e-books or white papers that are specifically related to their industry, and instead of sending too many emails in a week they are sending these useful piece of content once in a week. Remember, that nowadays nobody likes to be bombarded with too many emails and are more probable to delete them, so engage your customers with quality content.

2. Using minimum images:

This year there is a decrease in gaudy images and graphics in email marketing campaigns because customers often link these types of imagery with spam websites. So, companies are paying more attention to provide genuine written content within the email to engage their customers and increase the chances of a sale.

3. Mobile friendly email campaigns are initiated:

Several studies demonstrate that the majority of people today, prefer to access their emails on tablets or smart phones, so in 2015 businesses are concentrating to make their email campaign mobile friendly. Every piece of content is optimized to be viewed on all types of mobile devices.

4. Automation Tools are used:

The use of automated marketing tools can increase the conversion rate by approximately 50% says a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group. So, this year businesses are using automated tools, which can also facilitate them to significantly save the time spent on manually gathering and analyzing the data.

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Samuel Joseph, Sales Head