Top 4 Email Marketing Tactics to Improve Engagement

Email marketing today has become the most convenient way to increase brand awareness, as through it you can very easily reach your target audience. However, it is always advisable not to flood the inboxes of your subscribers with unnecessary messages. Keep in mind that everyone in this vast competitive business world is busy. So, being in a continuous rush subscribers habitually tend to clear their in boxes and often end up deleting important messages. According to several marketing experts it is quite important for you to implement sound email engagement tactics in order to retain your subscriber base.

Below listed are the ways to improve email engagement.

1. Execute Valuable transactional messages: Confirmation emails record the maximum open and read rates reveals Forrester research. So, whenever a consumer purchases a product, you must not just send him/her a simple confirmation mail, but you must focus to up sell or cross-sell complementary stuffs. Remember, that today customers who look for value automatically get involved when the transaction emails offer appealing and significant information. Therefore, you must share with your customers corporate membership plans, address FAQ’s, promote newsletters, and give the necessary information on customer care and product return policies.

2. Benefit from the welcome mail: First impression is quite important, so, you must create a unique welcome mail to lure your subscribers. Welcome Mails, can provide great value if used properly. Like for example, you must offer a coupon or a gift to every new subscriber via Welcome Mail.

3. List Segmentation: Based on industry, geography, title, behavior and sales cycle stage, you must segment your lists and campaigns. As this is the most important aspect to perk up email engagement and involvement.

4. Utilize loyalty reward programs: Loyalty reward programs offer mutual benefits, as your subscribers get benefitted by availing attractive incentive and your business get benefitted by having a strong customer brand relationship, greater email engagement and increased revenue. Remember that indirectly you are giving your subscribers, enough reasons to purchase from your brand when you are rewarding them for their loyalty.



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