23 Tips To Escalate The Conversion Rate in Email Marketing

Conversion rate is the indispensable constituent in email marketing strategy. If you’re unable to genuinely convert lookers into buyers at a high rate, turn to this handout to explore those sweet spots that assure the conversion rate exponentially better than others in your industry

Ask Little Information

While asking for the required information in an email opt-in form, ask for as little information as possible.

Pay attentive consideration to your headline

The headline is the single most significant constituent of your landing page. So, always Choose a relevant and dynamic headline.

Use verb that tends to action

When verifying different calls to action, we should keep action language that triggers visitors to take action

Testimonials for sure

Testimonials provide social proof and scale down risk. It’s better to keep testimonials on product landing pages along with your email opt-in landing page. This is considered as credibility indicator that adds credibility to your site.

Keep Conversion options in various places

It’s not enough if you just keep conversion option on your home page, it should be also on your about-us page. Double-check the conversion option must be there on the side of your blog, at the end of your blog post as well as at the footer of your website.

High-quality images are proficient

Use professional-quality photos that represent the standards and quality of your product/service.

Be Assertive

You can achieve higher conversion rate by employing very salient conversion boxes, popups that spring up in your blog.

Use video to foster your brand

Take into account a simple video on landing pages in order to demonstrate there’s a real person behind your brand.

Create purposeful landing pages

If you’re taking up AdWords or any other form of PPC ads, make sure to direct such visitors towards a dedicated landing page (not your home page!).

Social Credentials:

Inclusion of social proof certainly helps scale down risk at the same time it helps increase conversions.

Vouch for related products.

By including the links of related product or content you can get your visitors engaged on your site.

Dispossess the hype

Rule out the hype-based copywriting and align with writing clear, imperative copy that really helps your visitors make a purchase decision.

Evaluate variations of your administered CTA button

Examine several variations with your “Buy Now” or “Order Now” button with respect to its color and size. Through this variation-test you will be able to explore the best effective option.

Tell visitors clear-cut what they’re going to get

Furnish your visitors with conclusively all that they need to know about your product and service. What are the features and advantages? What are the functionalities? Who will get profited the most from it? How will it be delivered?

Clear value proposition

You should tell your potential buyers the specialties about your product/service. How is your product/service exclusive and preferable than any other similar product on the market?

Give your visitors clear vision

While creating a landing page, rule out anything that may distract your visitors such as navigation-bar and other CTAs. Your landing page should be that specialized to get your visitors involved in specific action.

A privacy statement really works out

Keeping your privacy policy on opt-in form can have an immense effect on your email conversions.

Come up with various payment options

Facilitate a variety of payment methods to meet with the preferences of all your valued customers.

Provision for a chat tool

Furnish the option of live chat to help answer questions. Through this you can resolve any concerns of your potential customers if they may have any.

Always go for a price-match guarantee

This indicates that you are really concerned about keeping your prices competitive

Keep the pictures of happy, smiling people

Such types of images are more effective in resulting highest conversion rates

Don’t forget to include contact info.

By mentioning complete contact info you win the confidence of your customers while buying from you

Offer some discounts at checkout

If you offer free shipping or a discount to customers on their next purchase will work out in a long way.

Bonus Tips

Remember that the pivotal formula that really works out for a highly converting website is to keep on experimenting and testing with a wide array of variation. If you comply with the variation testing sincerely you will come up with the conclusion that when some specialized-rules work out for your websites or audience may not compulsorily work for another. Conversion rate always rules out a one-size-fits-all strategy.

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