Tips to Boost Highly – Targeted Leads on LinkedIn

In-order, to attract best leads for your business, you must spend more quality time on LinkedIn, as 45% of LinkedIn users are mainly business decision makers, so it is always advisable to utilize this most powerful business networking site to attract sales leads.

With inputs from several marketing experts, we have highlighted below few tips that can enable you to attract targeted leads on LinkedIn. By implementing these strategies you are sure to see great results.

1. Be Precise:

You must specify clearly to others what you exactly do and how you can help them with proper headline, present and past work experiences, summary, and specialties, so that people who come across your profile do not get confused. Being specific and precise is one of the most important formulas for getting more leads on LinkedIn.

2. Include website links:

Many people do not customize their website section, but this is something very important and one should at least add three links to their LinkedIn profile and hyperlink them. Likewise, in-order to increase the reader’s curiosity you must customize what your link say and instead of mentioning “My Website”, rename it as “Best Tips for Marketing” or “Download My Marketing Guide”.

3. Being Innovative is a must:

It is always advisable to make your profile exceptional from others. As the majority of profiles on LinkedIn is extremely boring and ordinary, so you can easily stand out by adding a video that automatically plays when someone land up on your profile page. The video can be based on a great testimony from one of your clients who praises your company based on his/her experience or else you can add a “Welcome to my profile videotape”.

4. Add contact details:

Direct people to the contact page on your website, or add your personal phone number to help them reach you immediately. Simultaneously, you can offer a free 15-min phone consultation and you will be surely surprised by the increase in leads that will start pouring in.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.

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