Email Appending is a process of taking client’s data and matching it against vendor’s database to add any missing email addresses. It is also known as e-appending or email append. This marketing practice permits us to maintain reliable information which lets us stay connected with the prospects. It is the quick and the easiest way to grow your list. This service helps in reactivating the old customers and also improving the ROI.


Email Appending Process:

–    Optimize all details

–    Remove duplicate records

–    Apply standard address hygiene

–    Identify the company’s domain name/URL/naming convention

–    Generate the missing email address

–    Send a confirmation email to the appended email address

–    Download the final file with deliverable email addresses attached



–    Reduces direct mailing costs

–    Greater email reach

–    Improve the scope of Email Marketing Campaigns

–    Preserve IP Sender reputation

–    Firm Multi-Channel Strategy

–    Enables personalized communication

–    Improved customer retention

–    Perk up the customer service

–    Fosters loyalty with regular customer contact

–    Increases online revenue

–    Drops bounce rate


Best Practices:

–    Verify the vendor’s detail

–    Do not compromise with the quality

–    The vendor must adhere to any or all CAN-SPAM rules

–    The vendor should provide an Opt-In facility for customers to receive future updates.

–    Perform data cleaning regularly on the monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis.

–    Do not include third-party emails

–    Consider the Opt-out option



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