Revamp Your Marketing Strategies to thrive in the Post-Covid Future [Event]

We successfully organized 2021 marketing event titled: “Revamp Your Marketing Strategies to thrive in the Post-Covid Future.” The much-awaited event featuring esteemed speakers, marketing professionals, business owners, CEOs, marketers, and other attendees was held on Dec 3, 2021, at 1640 Highland Falls Dr, Ste #302, Leander, Texas.

The event was graced by marketing pros having several valuable insights to share on topics ranging from covid impact on marketing to effective strategies to counter the immediate implications of covid 19. A recapitulation of what the market was like in the previous years kicked off the event, including an overview of how the market has changed during these times.

The speakers brought the topics closer to the audience by making them aware of the importance of going digital and leveraging data-driven marketing in today’s world. They also elucidated how businesses can realign strategies to thrive in the new marketing landscape.

Afterward, the event attendees were treated to experts’ special tips and industry insights, which they gained after extensive research.

The event was hugely successful, and we welcomed a record-breaking number of attendees. We thank our attendees for their cooperation in making our event a grand success

The Nitty-Gritty Details Of the Event

The event consisted of plenary sessions with event attendees and marketing experts, followed by a thorough discussion and a conclusion to close the event. The following topics were discussed:

Changes in customer habits and strategies triggered by Covid-19, Evolving marketing strategies and creating new customer experiences, Communication themes to focus on post-COVID-19, Effective strategies to counter the immediate and long-term impact of COVID-19, and the road ahead in 2022 and beyond.

In-Depth Coverage Of The Topics Discussed

Changes In Customer Habits and Strategies Triggered By Covid-19

As per the experts, forced lockdowns gave an impetus to the online shopping trend, growing it by more than 31% between the first two quarters. A few months into the pandemic, this became a regular habit of the buyers. Even the B2B buyers who are generally averse to online shopping started showing more openness towards this trend. Below are some more ways B2B buyer behavior has changed in recent months.

  • Customers are majorly making online purchases these days and looking for new experiences online. The businesses that do it well are likely to be rewarded. This is a wake-up call for the companies who shrugged off the shift to digital.
  • Customers like to use live chat features to know more about businesses they are interested in. This saves them time and offers them convenience like never before.
  • In the new normal, buyers spend a lot more time reviewing online content. So, companies need to create a strong content strategy to stay ahead of the flock.
  • In today’s world, just having a solid landing page for a B2B business doesn’t suffice. Consumers’ expectations are higher than ever. Therefore, it’s crucial to walk customers through the purchasing process with the help of intelligent, professional, and persuasive content. Also, companies must invest in maintaining customers with post-sales campaigns to have their loyalty.

Key Takeaways

  • Going digital is more important than ever.
  • Customers want self-service features.
  • Online content is driving purchase decisions.
  • Customers now want a better digital purchasing experience.

Evolving Marketing Tactics And Designing New Customer Experiences:

Our experts stressed the need for B2B organizations to change how they operate, promote and market to maintain their consumer engagement. They shared the following tips on evolving marketing strategies and creating new customer experiences in the post covid era.

  • Brands need to focus on sharing value-driven, educational, and multi-format content. For example, B2B professionals may not have time to read a blog but may listen to podcasts on the go.
  • In these times of uncertainties and guarded optimism, three things are significant to build lasting relationships with customers – to be human, show genuine concern, and provide value. Customers are overwhelmed with so many marketing messages every day that they ignore a brand that is not aligned with their goals. So bring human values to the forefront of your efforts to continue driving forward.
  • If your business relies on events and conventions, it’s beneficial to embrace online events and invest in the right platform and the proper setup to make your digital event perfect. Additionally, leverage social media and other online platforms to nurture contacts and strengthen those connections.
  • Investing in good market research is the key to understanding new buyer behavior, market challenges, and how other businesses choose to solve them.

Key takeaways

  • Publish content in different formats.
  • Be authentic and show your human side.
  • Focus on improving your virtual events.
  • Invest more in market research and intelligence.

Communication Themes To Focus On Post-Covid-19:

Our experts annotated that there is a growing need for buyers to feel connected, reassured, and informed today. Therefore, it is vitally important for brands to strategize ways to keep customers informed about the latest ongoing changes in their organization that may impact them, and most importantly, how they are there for them. Below are some communication themes to focus on.

  • Formulate a communications strategy that can help bolster your connection.
  • Consider scheduling private assessment sessions or video explorations with specific customers to show them you care and are listening.
  • Create short video messages to remind viewers that your company is there to help them. Share updates with reassuring voices.
  • Use email to reach out with value-driven information —such as infographics, research, clinical studies, whitepapers, or even updates to your processes.
  • Take time to hear them out and objectively address their concerns and pain points. Reinforce that you’re willing to go the extra mile to help them succeed.
  • Empathy and genuine concern must guide your communication.
  • Proactively inform your customers about new programs and policies your business is adopting to help them weather the storm.

Key Takeaways

  • Personalized communication is the key.
  • Provide value-driven information that addresses your customers’ pain points.
  • Be empathetic and reassuring in your tone.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Be proactive in informing your customers of any changes or updates.

Expert-Approved Strategies To Counter The Effects Of Covid-19

Our experts predicted excellent outcomes for the market as it rebounds from the effects of the pandemic, but they also stated that the world might have to deal with covid-19 for some more time; so, we have to align our marketing strategies in a way that the virus caused disruption does not affect our growth. Below are some measures the experts suggest:

  • Know your customer segment and communicate in exact and local terms, targeting customers based on what’s the most relevant to them.
  • Post-covid-19, consumers expect a lot more than just a seamless digital transaction. They want personalized, anticipatory, relevant, frictionless, and connected experiences across the entire customer journey. Use data and analytics to ensure the experiences you offer to your customers are at par with the customers’ rising expectations.
  • Your customer must be at the heart of your customer journey. So, you must find ways to align your objectives with the customers’ needs.
  • Covid-19 highlighted the need for brands to build relationships. In the post-covid world, too, building integrity and trust are crucial to driving market momentum. Only the brands that listen to customer needs and create strategies to meet those needs will have customers’ loyalty and trust.
  • Adopt an agile marketing approach. Speed up your decision-making cycles and have more flexibility across critical areas like budgeting, marketing, and media

Key Takeaways

  • Be precise and local to suit different customer segments. 
  • Leverage data and analytics to meet customers’ rising expectations.
  • Customers should be at the heart of every activity you do.
  • Focus on building relationships.
  • Be agile in your approach.

What Lies In 2022 And Beyond?

Experts highlighted that new B2B buying and selling practices resulting from the pandemic are here to stay. As a result of these new habits and patterns, the following trends will likely dominate in 2022.

  • Rising Popularity of Video content.
  • Live Chat will continue to gain popularity
  • Customer Retention will be as necessary as gaining customers
  • Businesses will be keeping a keen eye on evolving SEO strategies
  • Companies will be leveraging Predictive Analytics.
  • Omnichannel Marketing will become a necessity.

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on creating innovative videos.
  • Invest in live chat technology.
  • Focus on customer retention.
  • Evolve SEO strategies.
  • Harness the power of predictive analytics.
  • Focus on omnichannel marketing.

Final Words

Given our event’s resounding success, it is expected that in 2022 and beyond, the attendees will have greater chances of improvement and lead their businesses into a brighter age of more optimism and success.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.
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