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About The Client

The client is one of the leading Print and digital document solutions companies in the US, with a global presence and offices in 160 countries. They offer products and services to provide clients with the best print solutions – all under one roof.


When initially contacted us, the client had a sizeable database of 18,273 business data. While they diligently collated their data over the years, as the database increased, they started facing several challenges, including:

  • Website Not Opening
  • Address Mismatch
  • Wrong Phone Number
  • Wrong Fax Number
  • Website Blocked
  • Getting Other Country Address
  • DUN’s Number Not Getting for all Companies

Blue Mail Media was contacted to provide a data cleanse and enhancement project, which would support their primary objective of having a current and cleansed contact database that could give the much-needed boost to their marketing campaigns outcomes


Before the project launch, many areas were planned and discussed by thoroughly understanding the client’s needs. Based on the strategy we divided the process into two phases.

Phase 1

Blue Mail Media took the task of data cleansing on priority and started working carefully with the client to plan and execute a data cleaning exercise, which successfully achieved a match rate of 41% for the given data.

The client provided the below data, and this is how our team worked to support the client’s objective of a cleansed and enhanced customer database.

  • The client provided 18261 addresses; we cleansed the full address & 5719 addresses were enhanced.
  • The client provided 15929 Phone Numbers, we cleansed full phone numbers & 4233 phone numbers were enhanced.
  • The client provided 10916 fax numbers, we cleansed all the fax numbers & 6969 fax numbers were enhanced.

Phase 2

After thoroughly cleansing, the data appending process was carried out by our data experts. Extensive verification and data updation process was conducted throughout the duration of the data appending exercise to help identify any areas of the database which could be improved or changed. This helped us to provide the following appended data:

  • DUNS Number -12918
  • SIC Code – 17018
  • Industry Description – 17018

Final Outcome

The client acknowledged our precision data cleansing and enrichment services. They also appreciated the speed and dedication with which we delivered the project. Besides satisfaction and peace of mind, the client witnessed the following vital benefits after receiving cleaned, enriched, and updated data from us.

  • Achieved 41% Match rate, which is more than industry standards
  • Clients saw 4X growth in revenue from marketing campaigns
  • Clients were able to reach the targeted audience without any mismatch in the data.
  • They were able to run multichannel marketing campaigns.

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