Multi-Channel Marketing Conference 2016

300 E Royal Ln #127, Irving, Texas 75039

September 9th to 10th, 2016

Make customer journeys a lasting experience by partaking in the most engaging discussion to enhance the Multi-channel communications.

Interact with Marketers

As we live in the times where businesses demand interaction with users across various marketing channels, there is a significant need for clever tactics to tap resources and fulfill marketing goals.

Blue mail media provides a platform for that interaction among marketers working in various business sectors to present their finest ideas to optimize Multi-channel marketing strategy.

CEO Email Lists

The conference is aimed to optimize the following marketing facets:

  • Tracking ROI

    Make every interaction a rewarding experience. Compete to target higher ROI across various platforms.

  • Intuitive cross gadgets, Multi-Channel Strategy

    Make the cross-channel experience more interactive by tapping the power of customization. Tailor every communication based on customer perception.

  • Tools that streamline process

    Retain right customers via quality user segmentation. Enjoy customer loyalty and fewer bounces.

  • Profitable social media interactions

    Drive dynamic conversation with users by capitalizing on the potentials of Social Media channels.

  • Top notch Content

    Create fresh content that plays the right notes to make conversion a flawless experience.

  • Technology trends and innovation

    Incline with the latest technological advancements and rally along the frontiers of innovation.

  • The power of compact gadgets

    The mobile technology is pacing ahead, and it presents itself as a hub of all future marketing activity.

  • Dilating traffic and conversion

    Optimize every user touchpoint using traffic enhancing tools to personalize the overall experience and usability of service to drive conversion.

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Arun Anto, Creative Director- Sales