Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Blog Permanently

Content marketing trend is the top buzzword in today’s competitive business world. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur you must definitely know that blogging builds business. Moreover, blogging regularly in the right way can increase sales leads; it can also give new content for inbound marketing and social media programs. Although, blogging can prove to be quite profitable for your business, committing few mistakes can permanently destroy your blog. Below listed are the common mistakes that bloggers generally make highlights Trent Dyrsmid.

1. By not social sharing: Social sharing must be the fundamental part of your content marketing strategies. Sharing your blog in the social media can enable readers to read it. Likewise, add sharing buttons so that it is easy for readers to share your blog in other social media channels. Remember, that staying away from social sharing can kill your blog, as the most interesting blog will go totally in vain if readers do not read it.

2. Poor titles and headings: while writing blogs it’s quite important to create proper headlines or headings for your blog. Weak or poor headlines can eradicate your blog and can damage your content marketing strategy. In- order to get more attention for your blog use headlines that are interesting, informative and appropriate for your blog.

3. Not blogging regularly: you are sure to obtain more traffic by blogging on in a regular basis. Remember, that bloggers revisit your site by expecting to read fresh as well as latest content. Companies that blog fifteen or more times in a month gain five times more web traffic than companies that do not blog, reveals Statistics from HubSpot’s “Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000 Businesses”.

4. By focusing only on yourself: Remember that visitors who regularly visit your site expect to read contents that can benefit them. Instead of focusing just on your company and products, you must provide insights and information that makes you a trusted brand, for instance write what qualities of your products/services can benefit the reader, how to acquire more value from your products/ services.

5. Avoiding optimizing content for SEO: In order to promote readability and search ability you must create a list of keywords and add them to your sentence naturally. Keep in mind that this is something that your content marketing strategy demands. A well written blog can optimize your blog content for SEO.




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