How Marketers Are Making Big Bucks With The Pokémon Go Fad

A lot has been happening lately around the world after Niantic’s Pokémon Go took the internet by storm. The game has urged patrons to capture their favorite Pokémon using their smartphone. But elsewhere, brands are taking advantage of the ongoing craze.

With little hope for brands to place their ads within the game, there is already a wave of marketers innovatively exploiting the adjacent opportunity.

Since the game is drawing more users into the open; businesses are luring gamers to earn Pokémon for using their services.

The CEO of Niantic told media that the company had offered businesses a chance to diversify the footfalls by geotagging their premises as sponsored locations on the virtual map. Although companies had to pay, it was doing a greater good by doubling revenues significantly.

Even as the popularity of the game continues to surge, the predictability remains unaffected. As more users venture out to capture their favorite Pokémon, the brands had to make themselves visible to gamers. It was that simple.

Here is a preview what various brands are doing out there:

  • Stonyfield, the organic yogurt maker, is targeting gamers by advertising at “Pokestops.” The brand has garnered customers by advertising at more than 10000 locations. The advertising effort is in parallel with Pokémon Go: maps and weather.
  • A French retailer “But” went a step ahead by offering customers 10% discount if they could successfully prove (with screen grab) after capturing a Pokémon.
  • In Russia, a bank “Sberbank” offered free Pokémon Go insurances to players in case they sustained an injury while playing the game.
  • Restaurateurs and food chains have resorted to displaying chalkboards on sidewalks wooing players to capture Pokémon in their outlets.

As for those brands closer to Pokestops, it has been a rewarding experience without many efforts.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.
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