We live in a world where marketing has gone extremely ‘Digital’. Being a marketer, the use of technology is inescapable for you. The right digital marketing strategy is imperative to achieve business goals. However, the problem with most of the marketers is that they lack the relevant practices to integrate while commencing their digital marketing strategies.

Lead generation is the end goal that becomes daunting for the marketers. It demands immense diligence, constant endeavor and intelligible strategies to strike right at the quest of generating maximum leads. The reason behind this never-ending chain of effort is that almost every business relies on the number of generated leads to gain its revenues.

Did you know an email can bring magic to your newly established business?

Well, most of the new business owners believe that in the world of advanced technologies, ‘Emails are dead’. Let me tell you, Email Marketing is still one among the most prominent methods to promote your business. If you are a beginner looking for more leads, enhanced revenues and powerful affinity with customers, you must dive deep into the ocean of Email Marketing. But yes, dive right! One unplanned email can toss-up the game.

Let your emails do the marketing for you with these 6 pitch-perfect tips for beginners.

They are demanding, pushy, and sometimes intimidating enough to test your patience!

Selling to such hard to please prospects comes as a complex challenge for every B2B salesperson. But, as your every customer holds an opportunity of becoming a qualified lead; you cannot escape dealing with them.

As per experts, ‘Precision in response’ is the only solution to the problem as though such targets are tough to close in B2B sales; they can turn to be your best and long-termed customers when tackled with the right persuasive approach.

Here I have summed up four insider tips to win such tough customers as your most qualified leads.

Being a startup is like being in a myriad of challenges. You might have some exceptional business ideas still you miss the dart to point right at the interests of your prospects. Generating leads and increasing sales becomes an enigma, specifically when you run on limited funds.

Fortunately, there are ways that can make the difference. Have a look at these 5 tips to help you boost the sales of your startup.