Know the Advantages of an Opt-in Email Marketing List

In most of the countries today, it has become a law to use opt-in email marketing list. Moreover, by using an opt-in email marketing list you can preserve your email marketing reputation and you can show your customers that you respect their privacy. By using opt-in email marketing list you can boost your product interest and sales.

Below listed are some of the advantages of an opt-in – email marketing list that you definitely need to know.

1. Better conversions and response rates: It is quite evident that subscribers will convert into buyers, if they have willingly signed up for an email list. This shows that they have a direct interest in the subject matter or offers. These subscribers or readers will also respond to email campaigns like, surveys, where a reader response is needed.

2. Targeted readers: Opt-in email lists enable marketers to reach a highly targeted market or reader base, which includes readers who are interested in the offers, resulting in the improved conversions and response rates.

3. Budget friendly: Through online subscription forms and other methods you can very easily initiate opt-in list building efforts, as it is much less expensive than to directly purchase or rent less – targeted email lists.

4. Build a reputation and goodwill: An organization can avoid being tagged a spammer by restricting commercial messages to opt-in list subscribers. Remember, that being labeled a spammer can damage the reputation of the organization to a great extent. Simultaneously, you can actually build a goodwill with readers by mixing exclusive quality information with a commercial message.

5. Less legal implications: You are sure to protect your company from hefty fines costing thousands of dollars for every unwanted commercial email sent, by sticking to opt-in email marketing lists that can keep your business organization on the right side of the law. At times subscribers may forget that they have opted into an email marketing list and report messages as SPAM , in that case it is always beneficial for the organizations to be able to demonstrate that their efforts were legal and opt-in.



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Arun Anto, Creative Director- Sales