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Know More About Email Appending Best Practices

Email Appending typically enables you to grow your list through a third party provider, the process engages, adding a missing e- mail address to a customer record in your database. Although the process seems to be uncomplicated, it’s not so simple and can turn out to be a risky attempt with no reward guarantee. However, if it is done correctly, it can curtail the risks and enhance your list size in the process.

With inputs from marketing expert, “Kara Trivunovic” we have jotted down email appending best practices, which are sure to benefit you.

1. Properly understand your list: The customer list that you have decided to send to an e- mail append dealer must contain the information of only active subscribers. Because, it is useless to append the record of a customer who will not identify a previous relationship with your brand.

2. Knowing the vendor’s reputation is a must: In- order to determine which e-mail append vendor has the best reputation in the industry, you must research and find out which one is the best and after finding out the best one, you must always remember to ask them about their list obtaining practices and how they handle unsubscribes, bounces and discontent.

3. Opt-in Vs opt- out: After making the matches an e-mail append vendor will send either an opt-in or opt-out emails to the matched addresses, in- order to let your recipients know about your purpose to connect with them through e-mail. If you select opt -out, you are likely to get more addresses but this can generate a large number of complaints as well, which can spoil your e-mail repute. On the other hand opt -in is definitely the safest and ideal route. By requesting recipients to opt -in, you are building your list with the information of people who are interested about your brand.

4. Shield your house list: : It is always advisable to keep the addresses received from the email append vendor separately, in order to protect your house list. Addresses received from the email append vendor must not be combined with your house file until recipients respond. Moreover, you must check the email addresses that you have received from the email append vendor by sending out mails from a separate IP. This practice can enable you to find out the batch of email addresses that you have received from the email append vendor is good or bad.



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