How to Increase Your Productivity by Working Less

Are you working more than 50hrs a week? If yes, then keep in mind that productivity starts dropping down if the workweek exceeds 50hrs, reveals a study conducted by Stanford University. The study highlighted the fact that professionals who work 70 hrs or more per week, in fact, get the same amount of work done as professionals who work 55 hrs. Remember that every successful person knows how to increase their productivity by working less. They know the importance of relaxation and rejuvenation during the weekends.


So, if you really want to work less and increase your productivity, then go through the tips below that demonstrates what you must do to find balance on the weekend and to come back to work charged up on Monday mornings.


1. Disconnect:

If you work 24/7 then you are taking constant stress which prevents you from recharging and refocusing, so it is a must for you to take breaks on weekends and disconnect yourself from work till Monday mornings. However, if you didn’t have enough time to check your work emails and calls throughout the week, then you can check them on weekends, but make sure you allot a specific time for it without sacrificing your relaxing time.


2. Minimize your housework:

Do not get completely engaged with housework on weekends as you may lose the opportunity to unwind and reflect. However, it is always advisable for you to allot specific time for the chores and in case if you fail to complete them within the specific time, then shift them for the following weekend.


3. Pursue a passion:

In-order to escape from stress, it is a must to engage in your passions so that your mind opens up to new ways of thinking, which can reap enormous profits over the upcoming week.


4. Spend quality time with your family

If you want to relax and get recharged for the upcoming week, then spend some quality time with your family members so that you feel good throughout the hectic week.


5. Plan something adventurous for the weekend:

You must try something adventurous during the weekends like for example plan a hike or plan to visit a cool new place or a resort. Several studies highlight that if you have planned something interesting for the weekend, then your mood is sure to significantly improve throughout the week, which can increase your productivity.




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Samuel Joseph, Sales Head