How Email Marketing Can Be Your Gold Mine

Businesses often overlook email as it is not a novel or a glittery over-hyped ploy. However, this traditional workhorse is simple enough to effectively build a relationship with the customers and generate higher ROI. In fact, email is capable of producing $38 for every $1 spent, which is approximately 3,800% ROI, as per the DMA report. Isn’t this a gold mine? Well, the answer is yes.

Email ROI

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The Money Is In the Email Marketing

Some may tell you email is dead. But we are here to tell you – it is not. Especially, with 99% of people checking their email every day, it’s not hard to see why an email is still a go-to tool for marketers. It is a real game-changer. However, the problem is most of the businesses just do not know how to utilize email marketing strategy appropriately.

Some are using outdated steps such as not catering to the customer’s needs, or not leveraging the right metrics to measure and improve the performance of email campaigns. Other reasons for most likely missing out on email marketing ROI are stated below.

Email marketing can turn out to be your gold mine, only if:

  • Your email list is clean and hygienic.
  • It includes only updated information.
  • The list is properly segmented based on the target market.
  • It complies with the GDPR, CCPA, Anti-Spam, and Can-Spam laws.
  • Message and the subject line is personalized.
  • Mobile-friendly templates are used.

Ultimately, the overlooked mistakes will shrink the business revenue to the extreme. Nevertheless, the solution seems simple – sketch a well-planned strategy, optimize your email campaigns, build a reliable email list, define the right metrics for performance tests, and so on. By rigorously following these steps, you will see a rise in repeat clients, increased sales, and customer satisfaction.

Great Examples of Email Marketing Success Story

1. Digital Marketer increased open rates by 3X in just a week

Digital Marketer is one of the prominent marketing blogs. They have achieved this phenomenal outcome only by tweaking their email subject line. Sending millions of emails every month has helped the company understand its target prospects and enabled them to choose the right fix for lower open rates.

Some of the tips used by Digital Marketer to enhance the open rates by 3X includes:

Tip 1: Differentiating the subject line from the generic ones received by the subscribers daily.


  • Get a native ad in less than 40 minutes
  • Steal these email templates for $1

Tip 2: Scarcity-based subject line to communicate urgency and get people to act immediately.


  • Closing Down Soon!
  • Final Notice (just 2 hours left)

Tip 3: Infusing credibility into the subject line to reap the staggering result.


  • 250 comments generated in just ten days
  • He made six figures per month!

Tip 4: Personalized subject line outperforms the generic one.


  • John, you can gain $3,000 in a week by…
  • Peter, you may miss the offer today

2. QIS Packaging Raised their Email ROI to 830%

QIS Packaging is one of the famous firms known to sell wrapping items, including paper bags. Email marketing was never considered necessary by their marketers. In fact, they never sent an email to their customer database. As luck would have it, the company realized the importance of this approach and hired a third-party firm to implement a simple email marketing strategy for them.

These are the following steps implemented by the third-party company:

  • They cleaned their existing email database using a list cleaner solution.
  • They created a sale to grab the attention of a large crowd.
  • Finally, the company sent out a campaign with three consecutive emails

That’s it. It yielded QIS Packaging a significant result. They were able to reap the ROI of 830% and remarked on the absolute worth of this approach.

3. Boosts Checkout Conversions by 65% is a leading eCommerce business giant who knows precisely what to do with their email marketing. The company obtained a 65% increase in checkout conversions by segmenting the audience into three categories.

  • People who browse the items, but never add it to the cart.
  • People who add products to their shopping cart, but do not purchase it.
  • People who go to buy, but abandoned the cart in between.

They executed separate campaigns for each group to understand the audience better. Besides, each email included the following elements:

  • A picture of the products they were interested in.
  • A list of options for each item, such as size, color, material, etc.
  • A buy now button with a thank you message.

These are some of the top brands that have gained significant results by following the right email marketing strategy. They focused on creating a memorable experience for the customers and building a relationship with them by offering a unique advantage.

Email Marketing has Several Benefits for Your Business

Now we know that email marketing strategies yield a positive result. By transforming itself from a static, one-size-fits-all approach to a personalized and dynamic experience, email offers several benefits for organizations. But, to be a champion in this competitive world, you have to familiarize yourself with the latest email marketing practices.

Otherwise, your carefully crafted marketing messages may end up in trash bins and spam folders. To help you out, we have enlisted the essential email marketing tips. Keep those points in mind, if you wish to reap the similar benefit like leading companies listed above.

  • Don’t ever treat email as a free tool. Although it’s a cost-effective marketing approach, it is capable of both building as well as drowning your business.
  • Personalize your emails appropriately. Start by segmenting your email list, and crafting a highly-customized message. You can also offer smart suggestions based on the customer’s purchase history.
  • Let your subscriber choose the email frequency. Apart from offering opt-in and opt-out choices, you should also provide them with an option to pick the right time and frequency to receive your emails.
  • Never forget to monitor your email performance. If too many recipients are not opening your messages, it merely means you have to upgrade your existing strategy.
  • Use email automation tools to create targeted messages that can be sent based on certain triggers, such as specific date, activity or event.

Along with the other digital marketing tactics, it is crucial to utilize the right resource on email marketing because it serves as a classic gold mine. With minimal effort and cost, your returns can be incredibly striking if executed well.

Over to You

With the right email marketing and automation solution, your business will be able to reach interested and sales-ready customers without having to invest a lot in external assets. This is the most attractive and practical approach for every organization. Moreover, the methods explained above are not at all hard to implement, so why delay? Start embracing it at the earliest and build a strong customer base.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.
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