Follow these steps to set up an effective email campaign strategy

To survive properly in today’s business climate an effective email campaign strategy is a must for any business or else your business is sure to lag behind your competitors. So, if you are wondering, why it is so important to set up an effective email campaign strategy?

Well, then you must definitely know that apart from allowing you to reach your customers, emails give you an opportunity to build up a healthy relationship with your customers organically. Moreover, emails give you a chance to receive feedback from your customers. It is so important that when any business goes up for sale, one of the general aspects of their valuation is the size, access and responsiveness of the business email list.

Therefore, if you have not yet set-up an effective Email Campaign Strategy, then you must definitely follow the below listed steps.


1. Schedule a specific day and time to send Newsletter

Implementing a newsletter is a great idea to promote your brand, but you must not fail to keep up its consistency. Therefore, you must set up a specific day and time to send your newsletters to the subscribers in a regular manner. Additionally, you must appoint a person specifically for managing this work. Remember, that subscribers need to count on your consistency so you must stick to the schedule.


2. Create an attractive template

In – order to apply a consistent format to your newsletter, you need to create a beautifully branded template to make sure that each time a client receives your company newsletter, they can easily identify that it is yours from the setup of the template and branding. Ask your designer to add a brief creative of your brand on the template by providing them the necessary content. Likewise, you must also deliver relevant information about the sections of your newsletter to the designer so that he can add that too in the template.


3. Great content is a must

The very purpose of creating a newsletter is to purely build a trusting relationship with the subscriber and to deliver great content with information that will actually help them in their life. Therefore, you must not stuff your newsletter with the latest sale you are offering, or a description of a product that you are planning to launch, instead add some informative original content that will help the readers and surely build credibility. People generally tend to unsubscribe newsletters which are always filled with sales.


4. Add opt- in everywhere in your newsletter

In – order to get the list subscription momentum going, you must include email newsletter opt-in everywhere on your website, apart from that you must consider doing a promotion, like offering a free product or service for sign- ups, as it is a great way to entice people and get new sign – ups. You can also offer an informative free guide in exchange for opting in to your newsletter.




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Arun Anto, Creative Director- Sales