Everything You Didn’t Know About World Health Day

It is seventh of April, World Health day. As the world is evolving, the overall quality of life is declining. Manifested by stress, environmental conditions, inadequate exercise and unsavory lifestyle many of us have been victims of our reckless pursuit.

Blue Mail Media extends World Health Day greetings to its clients and netizens with a message that life alone qualifies as the precious element on this planet; to prosper is to be tender with life itself. I write this blog with an intention to explain the facts associated with the current year’s theme: Beat Diabetes.

The world is in open conflict with diabetes. The pharmaceutical advancements have equipped medical fraternity with enhanced combat capabilities. However, with the bulk of the population still falling victims at an alarming rate, it is a need of the hour to partake in efforts to delay the onset or to avoid it entirely.

Everything You Need To Know About World Health Day, And Why Diabetes Is This Year’s Theme

When UN took formation in 1945, it felt the need to set up a global health organization. Hence, World Health Organization (WHO) formed on April 7, 1948.

Annually, WHO picks a theme to make people aware about the prominence of health issue and the current year’s theme is Diabetes.

The first World Health Day was organized in 1950, and it has since then, raised awareness on many health related matters from food safety to blood pressure.

Why Is Diabetes This Year’s Theme?

With the disease claiming its victims at a dramatic rate and displacing the lives of many, it is a necessity to control and prevent them even before they arise.

Diabetes is a preventable disease, yet it manifests victims at the rate of 422 million adults annually.  It is likely that the figures will double in 20 years.

A 2012 report indicated that Diabetes was the prime cause of death of over 1.5 million lives. It was just a notch over those who lost lives in road mishaps.

Most of the diabetes-related deaths reported were from mid-to-low income nations.

Type 2 diabetes is a killer variant, and 90% of the deaths were directly related to type 2 diabetes. The Type 2 is also accounted for diabetes in children.

Although there is no definitive cure, limiting consequences and delaying the onset is possible. Regularly exercising, maintaining a healthy body mass and eating healthy food will help steer away from diabetes.

It is important to treat and avoid diabetes to achieve a Global Sustainable Development; the efforts contribute to cutting down premature mortality from NonCommunicable Diseases (NCD) to one-third by 2030. Collective contributions from sectors of society play a significant role in the realization of the vision described above.

The Objectives Of World Health Day 2016 Are

Raise awareness about diabetes to prosper as one into a better future. It relieves the nation of the burden to grapple with health issues that devastates its population.

Scrutinizing efforts to make treatment affordable and sustainable. Initiating proactive measures to educate people about the disease, diagnosis, and treatment procedures.

Lastly, to create demography based diabetes reports to track the disease trails and to measure the consequences. It also helps to advocate better treatment tactics.

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