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As per 2020 data, there are 1 million Eventbrite users worldwide. The worldwide popularity of Eventbrite is stellar. When it comes to event technology platforms, it is one of the most trusted and preferred brands as it enables users to organize and manage events and sell event tickets online with great ease. Those looking for networking opportunities can also discover events that fuel their passions. For event organizers and establishments of different industries, including Non-Profit Organizations, Computer Software businesses, social and educational institutions, Eventbrite is the most preferred app to cut through the noise as they organize events for different purposes.

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    Eventbrite users email list by Blue Mail Media brings to you contact details of the decision-makers in the Eventbrite software utilizing companies. Our specially curated list is collated from the most reliable sources, triple-checked for accuracy, regularly updated, and made to go through the most robust data hygiene procedures to assist you in connecting with the most valuable prospects in (not limited to) the USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, and Asia.

    Our database has all the details of the companies using Eventbrite that will ensure better chances of you getting ahead of your competitors. We take utmost care in assuring we deliver only the best data sets within the assured time limit so you can spark up your marketing campaigns using the most trusted and reliable list of companies using Eventbrite.

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