Email Marketing Innovations that are sure to Shape its Future

Email marketing today is considered to be the most trusted and resourceful marketing channel. As email marketing continues to grow and consistently ranks the top level for ROI, it is quite important for every marketer to know the four innovations that will shape the future of email marketing.

With inputs from marketing expert Bola Awoniyi we list down four changes that are anticipated to shape the future of email marketing.


1. Communication via email will be fully personalized :

With the evolution of technology, it has become quite easy to create and filter information based on an individual preference. Moreover, customers today are more interested to engage in the content that is personalized. As email campaigns are declining in their effectiveness, marketers have started to experiment the ways to personalize email content. The winds of change in email marketing have already started to blow, therefore one in three organizations have engaged already in content personalization, demonstrates email marketing industry “Census”.


2. The Email address will be the means to cross- channel marketing :

A new targeting method named the “Custom Audiences” are available on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and also in email newsletters. So, with the email list that you already have , these platforms can enable you to send targeted Ads to the users with whom your company already has a relationship with. This feature creates opportunities to send targeted ads to users in any way considered suitable.


3. Email will be totally incorporated with other marketing channels:

Apart from “Custom Audiences”, marketers have started to think about more options in relation to integration. The study conducted by Email Census reveals that 85 % of the respondent agreed with the fact that email will be fully integrated with other marketing channels in the next five years. Moreover, it is quite evident that email’s value will become progressively more linked to its performance when used with other marketing channels.


4. Majority of campaigns will be driven by automated email campaigns:

Although automation technology has existed in the market for some time now, still it is seen that organizations fail to utilize the maximum of its abilities. A rise in the number of emails sent out is due to automation activities, but most organizations utilize a limited number of automated triggers. However, campaigns will become more automated in the upcoming years as email persist to be more integrated with other marketing activities and when email marketers will have to struggle with time constraints.




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