Email Appending Services and its Benefits in B2B Marketing

As per the predictions of Forrester Research, $2.5 billion dollars will be spent on creating, promoting and analyzing email marketing campaigns. From this, we can understand the importance of email in B-to-B marketing, as it remains as the preferred channel for most of the business communications. The most precious commodity in this B-to-B marketing is email because it is an immediate and direct way to communicate with the customer.

So for expanding market options and to receive tremendous customer communication benefits, we need to have verified, valid and correct email address of our customers in our database. Here Email Appending Services shortly E-append comes into the picture.

What is Email Appending?

Email appending is a marketing practice that involves the existing customer data like name, postal address and mapping it to the vendor’s list to obtain the email address. The unique service of email appending is we can attach up-to date email addresses of all the customers and prospects which are missing in the database.

A client file made with knowledge is vital to the success of most businesses. This B2B technique permits us to develop a very sturdy info which will endure us to stay together with our customers through value effective channels leading to improved customer retention and whole loyalty.

The email appending process includes a permission seeking email to the customer to confirm deliverability and drive in opt – in for the communication regarding specific products or services.

Our B2B Mailing List Targets International Countries like:

1. Dramatically boost your sales.

2. Considerably increase the quantity of potential customers by causing correct, relevant, timely email communications.

3. It helps in the reducing the business costs for driving the customers to the web site.

4 With Email appending services, the turnaround time for market testing of a service or product is less.

5. With this email appending service, we can turn single channel customers, and build solid multi-channel strategy.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media. With over 10 years of experience across B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and brand marketing, Duke has helped several SMBs and large-scale organizations to elevate their marketing strategies.

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