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Blue Mail Media Helps a Leading Publisher Increase its Subscriber Base By 37%

Client Background

The client is a leading media company in Canada which has been successfully running a business magazine well known for presenting facts, figures, information in a very insightful and intrepid manner.


After successful completion of five years, the client decided to launch a special edition of the magazine to celebrate the event. The main objective was to rekindle relationships with all the old and new subscribers that would not only strengthen the subscriber base but also help in building a significant brand value in the market.
The major stumbling block came their way when they revised the database and found that most of the contacts were outdated. More than half of their contact leads had changed their mailing addresses/ phone numbers and email addresses. The publisher needed a relevant, targeted and updated B2B database with fresh and active contact database in the fastest time possible. When they approached Blue Mail Media, the team took up the challenge proactively and considering the past history and accomplishment, the client provided entire support, trust and information.

Solution Phase:

Soon the team of trained data specialist were arranged to plan, coordinate and serve the project. After completing the initial in-depth analysis of the requirement, the following activities were planned out:

  • 83409 outdated subscriber records were identified to be cleansed to outline any dead, repeated and wrong records.
  • Now the same database had to be matched with our own database and new fresh and active records had to be added.
  • The updated contact list had now to be segmented according to the criteria of geography, age group, gender and more.

Final Outcome:

Blue Mail Media completed the entire task within a record time of 3 weeks. We also helped the client to launch their personalized email campaign for promotion of their proprietary supplements.
The special supplement garnered great reviews and was nominated for prestigious awards. Eventually, the client witnessed a 37% increase in their subscriber base.

Author: Robert Duke
Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager and Spokesperson of Blue Mail Media.

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