Database Marketing Conference 2017

Empowering Marketers!

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Venue: Irving, Texas

Date: November 15 – 16, 2017

Registration Fee: $2,500

Vision of the Conference from Blue Mail Media

From recent tech-advancements in marketing techniques to nurturing an approach of innovations, the Database Marketing Conference 2017 will provide the marketers a unique platform to interact with esteemed IT pioneers of the world, to discuss their views and to grow like never before.

Organized by Blue Mail Media, the event will concentrate on imparting a practical outlook on data-driven marketing by providing actionable marketing insights to the individuals and businesses across the world.

If you desire to learn, explore and to grow your business, wait not to register here.

Meet the innovators, learn the true ‘data and digital’, get inspired and grow! This is all the Database Marketing Conference 2017 is about

Robert Duke, Marketing Manager and Spokesperson

Blue Mail Media

Core of the #DMC 2017

Simplifying Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is bringing disruptions in the industrial world. Meet the world’s leaders in machine learning discussing the challenges and tools to tackle them.

Redefining the Email Revolution

Know the interactive email acquisition techniques and cutting-edge automation strategies to drive better ROI.

Getting Through Messaging Platforms

Learn about the cutting edge and upcoming crucial messaging platforms and technology. Trust us; it’s inevitable for your business.

Diving into the Market Scenarios of Tomorrow

Explore every aspect of data-driven marketing – the challenges and innovative techniques to leverage out the best from it.

Networking Businesses

Network with the world’s leading business personnel and marketers from an array of businesses.

Recap of the Conference 2016

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Samuel Joseph, Sales Head