Data Management

One of the most important and persistent requirement of all business is effective Data Management. How connected you are with your people depends completely on how recent and correct is your data. Acknowledging these facts, the data services team at Blue Mail Media worked hard at simplifying the core elements of security, deliverability, permission and privacy.

 Taking Data to Next Level

  • Reconnect with lost customers
  • Maximize your email deliverability
  • Reduce marketing costs associated with bouncing emails
  • Increase your customer retention

Blue Mail Media Promise – Delivering Accurate Data At Minimum Cost

  • Email Appending service – Add missing email information to your data lists. Unlocked email ids – By applying our effectiveness in email and telemarketing, we guarantee that all email ids provided have duly opted for receiving your emails.
  • Email Updating service – It’s a known fact that in accordance to all the data, email has the shortest lifecycle. Our data management also helps you maintain the accuracy and integrity of your customer’s email database, increase deliverability and help reduce lost revenue.
  • Exchange data – We would efficiently replace your outdated email addresses, outcast undeliverable addresses and also identify and rectify typographical errors in email files with the best configured data management.

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