Check Out What Startups can Learn from Reputable Brands on Social Media

It’s no wonder that today social media has become an effective marketing platform for every business. However, there are lots of strategies involved in the marketing process via social networks. Hence, it’s always advisable for the startup community to monitor how the established brands are efficiently marketing with the usage of social media sites to reach the type of audience best suited for their brand. By following an established brand similar to their business, startups can definitely learn their expertise and social proficiency. Scroll down to know more.

1. Gradually extend your Marketing Efforts via Social Media: Although, at minimal cost social media furnishes the opportunity to market broadly, there are numerous networks to choose from and different tactics involved in the marketing process. This you are sure to learn from established brands within your startup’s industry, which are growing immensely through social media. Remember that quality is more important than quantity, therefore spot which platform is best to initiate with and start growing from there at a speed your business is contented with, without posting marketing contents excessively or deficiently.

2. Utilize social media as an influential Customer Service Tool: With the usage of social media startups can provide customer service in a quick effective way. Remember that your customers believe in instant response, therefore monitor and reply to their queries through your social accounts as it is a great way to turn your customers into your brand promoter. Established brands usually form teams liable for responding to social inquiries. However, even if your company is small, allot dedicated team members to respond to the customer queries.

3. Utilize social media as a hiring tool: Although, it can be a challenge for startups to promote job vacancies fruitfully on social networks. Still your hard work will not go in vain, as you are sure to find well qualified talents suitable for the vacancies available in your business enterprise. For recruiting talents via social networks, you must firstly take a look at established brands recruitment posts, and learn from them how to tap talents via social networks.



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