Build your Email Marketing Contacts List Using a List Broker

Have you decided to build an Email Marketing contact list with the help of a list broker? If yes, then it is always advisable for you to be aware of the noteworthy differences between acquiring a list of physical addresses or phone numbers and obtaining e-mail addresses.

A list broker is a marketing company that garners and sells contact details for Email Marketing. Usually a list broker enables you to buy a small list based on matching data in a larger list to your requirements. The process is not that easy if you want to use a trustworthy list broker to obtain email addresses, because the email addresses on a brokered list must be permission based by law.

According to several industry experts, it is quite risky to obtain e-mail addresses from any list broker because if the list broker you select does not understand or stick to permissive laws, then sending e-mail to the people on the list that you have purchased from the list broker can land you in trouble, as you may get blacklisted. This is sure to harm your reputation and tarnish your image.

Purchasing a confirmed – permission e-mail contact list

For sending e-mails through list brokers confirmed-permission lists are the only possible option. These lists are hard to obtain so it can be quite expensive as these lists contain email addresses of people who are interested in receiving particular types of information. In -order to send a single e-mail to a confirmed – permission list you have to spend between 10 and 30 cents per e-mail address.

You must always be careful of the made up confirmed – permission lists for sale as a data file. Remember, that quality confirmed – permission lists are too valuable to sell and are perpetually rented out.

As confirmed – permission lists differ in quality, therefore you must remember to ask any broker some hard questions about the procedure used to acquire permission, like: • From where and how the email addresses were acquired? • When permission was confirmed? • How interests are chosen?

If the subscribers remember opting in and wait for your e-mail as a result, then it can very well proof of a confirmed-permission list.

Leasing an email marketing contact list

The meaning of leasing or renting a list is that the list broker never gives you the email addresses used to send your e-mail . Rather, you supply content to the list broker, and the list broker forms and sends your e-mail to the list. Moreover, be sure to combine a sign-up link in your brokered e-mail because list rental purchase only one sending opportunity. Subsequently, you can include to your own list the names of the potential customers who are interested in your merchandise, but are not ready to purchase at the moment they receive your brokered e-mail. But in case if the list broker does not permit a subscription link in the email, make certain that any links in your brokered email guide to a landing page that has your sign-up box, link or button.



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Arun Anto, Creative Director- Sales