Boost up your Consumer Confidence in Email Marketing Campaigns

While conducting Email Marketing Campaigns it is quite important to build customer confidence. Hence, project the email in such a way so that it appears clear and useful to your customers as much as possible. Keep in mind that during the initial phase of email marketing you must pay attention while creating the subject line as it should be proper and catchy to entice the audience to open and go through it. Secondly the content must be informative enough to make your audience feel that you are an expert who can definitely solve their issues. Thirdly, you must also include a relevant and an attractive offer in your email.

Apart from these aspects there are several other factors that can enable you to merge into the daily habits of email marketing recipients. Check them out below:

1. List Division or segmentation:

Always remember that every person has his own specific requirements, so even if the list features readers with same interests, you must segment it one final time, based on the finer differences. In-order to chart out the likings and disliking of your entire target group, you must try out different versions of the similar email with smaller sets of people from the list. According to the results you can re-target intended recipients. Make your work easier with the help of advanced segmentation tools.

2. Avoid Spamming:

If you are thinking that by just avoiding spam words you can pass through email provider firewalls, then you are simply wrong. Nowadays, the rules keep on changing regularly, which can be tiresome at times for a marketer to track. So, it is always advisable to incorporate spam checkers into the email campaign process, especially if you are a bulk mailer. These days, even automatic mailer software has free spell checker options for perfect email deliveries.

3. Right Timing:

If your email marketing campaigns are targeting numerous countries, then you must definitely take time differences into consideration. In-order to get the most opens, use the ‘Campaign Scheduler’ feature of your auto mailer accordingly, or else you can ask your outsource agents to do the same for you. Remember that emails reaching their intended viewers in the morning hours, especially between 8AM to 11AM bring the most open rates.

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Arun Anto, Creative Director- Sales