Top Five Unconventional Ways to Trigger Your Email Marketing

Top Five Unconventional Ways to Trigger Your Email MarketingWhy are people not viewing my message and getting converted?

Where are my emails going wrong?

All these questions often come to your mind for which you have no answers. Hence, you continue repeating them all over again.

Let us tell you that just by thinking about it, you are not going to find a solution. If all your common strategies have proved to be of no use for the success of your email marketing campaigns, then you need to go out of the way and look for other valuable ways.

As a marketer, you tend to follow what other marketers are running after. But you need to understand the fact that different businesses have different requirements. One strategy going well for a particular type of business may not be beneficial for other kinds. Selecting strategies based on your business outlook and the industry you are targeting is crucial for achieving your objective.

Our experts at Blue Mail Media, besides offering various digital marketing services and providing accurate and relevant email and mailing lists, carries a detailed study of the market and industry trends to help you keep updated and guide you with the best available practices that can transform your business.

Based on detailed observation, we have concluded five overlooked ways which when utilized can work wonders for your email campaigns. You just need to follow these and try making their proper utilization in favor for your brand.

Don’t Force Your Emails

An email sent to uninterested subscribers will severely affect your campaign with poor results. You can’t dump your content to someone’s inbox just because you have to market your product. Before sending an email to any customer, always seek for their permission and if they permit then only go ahead with it.

Permission can be taken in the form of asking them to subscribe to your email newsletter. Also, once they agree to receive content from you doesn’t mean that they will like it to continue forever. There may be times when subscribers are no more interested in your content, or their preferences have changed, or your emails may not be relevant to them anymore. So, from time to time ask them to re-qualify to receive content from you by asking to click on a trigger link that will keep them on your list of subscribers and help you to send customer-specific promotional content for which they might have expressed interest.

Let them Choose What They Want to Hear

How will you feel if promotional offers keep crowding your inbox?
Won’t you be irritated with emails which you are of no use to you?
Of course, you will be irritated and perhaps get annoyed.
Right ?
The same feeling can arouse in your customers too. If you shower them with promotional emails in bulk with no option to remove them from it, obviously they will not be happy about it. It will leave a negative impact on them about your brand. Although they want to stay on your email list, they might not want to receive a particular content for which they would like to have remove button.

So, it’s wise on your part to give them the option to remove themselves from the promotional emails which they don’t like.

Allow them to Unsubscribe

No marketer would like to tell their subscribers to unsubscribe. The thought itself is very painful. But there are scenarios when you are forced to ask them to do so.
What is the use of having a long list of subscribers out of which majority are not engaging with your content?
The result you get is zero with less open rates, click rates, and conversion rates.
Hence, rather than having a huge list of subscribers, try to have a relevant and engaged list of readers who will add value to your business.

Be a Frequent Email Sender

You need to be a frequent email sender so as to remain in the notice of the subscribers. Once subscribed, you have to engage your audience with valuable content at regular intervals. But don’t forget to give them the option to choose how often they want to receive emails from you.

Go for Plain Text Emails

Most of the marketers today think that visually filled content attracts more audience than the plain one. But in reality, the situation is perhaps something different. Several research reports concluded that readers pay more attention to content that is simple and not decorative. Emails with unnecessary sidebars and graphics often tend to distract the reader, and their focus gets diverted. Rather than going through your informative content they end up seeing those images, shifting their mind from knowing about your offerings.

By far you have been trying your best to make your email stand out in the crowd and get the desired CTR. But unfortunately, nothing has been working in your favor.

Don’t worry!

If you consider these useful ways and plan your next campaign, then we are sure that success will be at your doorstep.

Author: Robert Duke

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