Steps to Eradicate Incorrect Data in your Marketing

Steps to Eradicate Incorrect Data in your MarketingTo increase sales in your business, it’s always advisable to maintain neat and clean data. Remember, that customers love getting e- mails from marketers who have their proper information. For instance, while commencing a marketing campaign to hundred women in your database, if you address them all by calling “Sir” or “Mr.” that is actually bad, and is sure to spoil the repute of your brand.  Moreover, you must always remember to spell their names correctly. At the same time it is very important to have the right email ids, as wrong email ids will bounce back the messages and will never reach to the intended addressee. According to Marketing and Technology Evangelist Ramon Ray, below listed are few things you must perform on regular basis to make sure that your data is as clean as possible.

  1. Clean Data Input: Right from the beginningmake sure that when you input your data it’s as clean as possible. Stress the value of carefully checking the data entry when you or your team types in the contact information from the business cards. If you have your customers hand written contact information’s ensure that you understand the handwriting.
  1. Always refine your customer information: As users click on several links with every electronic communication, make sure that you and your team are renewing your consumer database with the appropriate consumer preferences. Likewise, train your staff to continually validate and update consumer information. Information’s keep on changing and new information’s are given. So, your subordinates should put the effort of manually updating the customer’s information.
  1. Verification of form input: There must be many forms on your website, which are filled out by your customers and prospects with their relevant information while visiting your site. So, ask the users to double – check the information that they have provided by sending them an email. And also in that e- mail attach a copy of what they have filled out, so that they can verify their given information.
  1. De-Duplication: In your customer database certainly information will duplicate. Therefore, you must have your database administrator (perhaps that is you or an office admin) utilize the de-duplication aspect in your database to combine or delete duplicate records.

Furthermore, data cleansing is very much important for making business marketing campaign effective and fruitful. Because of proper contact information this process is sure to build a good customer relationship and increase sales.


Author: Robert Duke

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