Social Media Tips to Grow Your Content Marketing

Social Media Tips to grow your Content Marketing

As Social media is the most important marketing channel right now, for several brands content marketing has extensively replaced advertising as the most prominent tool to make an impact on new and old followers and customers. However, still many small businesses and individuals struggle to fit social media into their content marketing policy. In-order to enhance the reach of your content, social media enables you to control existing networks; moreover it furnishes a testing ground for broad marketing campaigns, and a lot more. Below listed are few social media tips that you must include in your content marketing strategy suggests Evan LePage.


1. Make your messages perfect in each social network

Keep in mind that every social networking site has unique features and audience. Basically avoiding the particulars of a network assures that your content will not thrive and be shared. However, if you pay effort and spend time to optimize messages, you will have more chance of connecting with your audience in a much better way and it will possibly assist your content to go viral. For instance:  Twitter, requires brief but powerful messaging, also you must attach an image with your message to connect with your Twitter audience as it is considered to be an effective way to bond well with them. Whereas in Google + you can engage your audience by just posting your content.

2. Good content should be reused

It is always advisable to reuse good content as many times as possible in each social network, remember that each section of content has a lifecycle, therefore you must not hesitate to repost it several times in the same social media site where it is doing well. Moreover, you must consider repurposing it as info graphic for Pinterest and video or a Slideshare, for YouTube and Instagram.

3. Post your messages at optimal times

Your content is sure to get an edge if it is posted at optimal times. Although there is no specific time to share contents to social networks, specific times have demonstrated to bring more engagement to any content, reveals a study conducted by According to the study each network has a different optimal time in which posts receive their highest visits. For Facebook it is 1p.m- 4p.m, whereas in Twitter it is 1p.m -3p.m. For Google + and Pinterest it is 9a.m -11 a.m and 8p.m -11 p.m respectively.

Author: Robert Duke

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