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Tony Robbins, a renowned life coach and self help author has always believed in values to improve life in right ways. With his unlimited passion for business, Robbins has always set wise rules for marketing sales and its strategies. Kyle Porter in his article has given us an insight on how Robbins advices us to manipulate the situation and use it on our favour. There are other ways as well that Robbins prescribes us which are not just business oriented but also life oriented.

1. From Fear to Positivity: Fear always tends to back down ones planning. Success is the only technical term that one aims for in every field of profession. Being a sales representative has its own advantages and disadvantages. Worrying about the outcome is no solution as it’s your perspective towards gain and loss that will define your very self in the future. Be optimistic, this will keep you on track and help you grab opportunities that will take you to heights.

2. Aim it: Have a motto and work for its fulfilment. Be it business or your own life, having a clear angle towards your goal is very necessary. Work life can never give you joy until and unless you don’t find goal out of it. Robbins credits his success to the values that made him constantly improve. Working all day and all night will never pay you satisfaction; rather working with a purpose will lead you to a qualitative and quantitative success.

3. Steps yields result: The steps and plans that you execute will lead to some kind of result that can be either positive or negative as sales can never stand unbiased. Every turn you make will have its own consequences; therefore it is up to you how you make it useful. In such cases putting on the positive points smartly and creatively can benefit you with gratifying results.

4. No human being is alike, understand others: Every individual has different points of view towards life. And as work being a part of life, ones outlook tends to change with varying personalities. A sales representative must understand others, their needs, their values, their talents to inculcate a good performance out of your company. This will foster you as a person as well as others by granting wider look towards every matter.

5. Needs drive to outcome: Profit can be doubled only if the needs of your customers and employees are fulfilled. Half hearted clients can never add extra points. Know their needs and work for it. Sometimes even fear can work as a drive, lifting you to advancement. Focus on ones goal can invigorate the working power.

6. Develop a two way communication: Being effective is a significant factor behind an effective firm. When you communicate, it shouldn’t be about just you communicating. Communication happens only if it’s working from both the direction. Talk and listen, because sometimes you can learn valuable and reasonable facts from clients, employees and even competitors as well.

Author: Robert Duke

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