Proper List management is quite important to an Email Marketer, Learn why?

Proper List management is quite important to an Email Marketer, Learn whyFor any email marketing campaign the opt-in –list is quite an essential component. Even more important is the way in which you manage this list. If you want to have a successful email marketing campaign a proper list management is a best practice you must follow. Although there are several aspects that needs to be covered we list down some key management areas you need to focus  on.

1. Poor Email Addresses: Immediately you must correct or remove bad email addresses.  After taking a look at your failure reports, you must be able to say whether these addresses relate to domains that do not    Likewise, you can easily fix a misspelled email address.  By taking care of this you can considerably increase your delivery and response rates.

2. Inactive Email Addresses: An inactive email address is unfavorable to your list as a bad or poor one. So, in this regard the best way to manage your email list is to perform an evaluation of subscriber activity and measure your open rates against email frequency. Like for example, if you see that your monthly newsletter have not been opened by a fewer subscriber in the last year than no doubt it will be a good idea to  eliminate those people from your list.  However, by adding the names of the subscribers whom you have eliminated from the main list,  you can create a separate list that aims to reengage inactive subscribers.

3. The Stale Email List:  With the passage of time,  it is quite likely that some of the individuals on your list will either have a changed mindset in your offerings or they may forget that they have signed up. So, how old is your list depends on the specifics of the business and how often you get in touch with your subscribers. So, in- order to fix this problem you can eradicate all the inactive addresses, or create a re-opt-in program. You can also determine which of the email addresses needs to be removed by sending a message to the subscribers and by asking them that if they would like to continue to receive your mailings.

4. Check your list on a timely basis: Solid list management process should be performed on a regular basis, this will definitely make sure that your list is as clean as possible.


Author: Robert Duke

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