Learn How to Distribute Your Budget Between SEO and PPC

Both SEO and PPC play quite an important role in any marketing strategy. However, both of these marketing services or procedures have some pros and cons, like for instance, SEO is more sustainable than PPC but it usually takes extended time period to show results, whereas PPC can get you customers instantly, but for this procedure you need to squander money for every new customer, the moment you stop advertising you won’t see any new customers.

So, if you are a startup firm with very limited budget, you must be thinking where to invest so that you can see valuable results.  In- order to solve your confusion, we have compiled below few opinions of industry experts that can guide you to implement a successful marketing strategy.

1. Understand your industry: Based on what your website actually does, you can select between SEO and PPC. Remember that your probability of succeeding with SEO is quite high if your business is a niche with a recognized authority, in that case you actually don’t need PPC. Whereas, if you are penetrating into an already developed market, then it is always advisable for you to distribute your budget between SEO and PPC, because in a developed market PPC advertising assists in driving business speedily to your website. Moreover, PPC advertising is a great way to know the best performing keywords which can later help you in strategizing for SEO, opines Tom Vaughton, the director of search marketing.

2. Start SEO from the very beginning: According to industry expert Bill Sebald, businesses should start with SEO right from the very beginning, he recommends companies to make their site technically flawless, so that people talk about their website, which in turn can produce links and appeal to other Google signals. On the other hand businesses should focus on PPC between the time the site got launched and when natural traffic started to grow.

3. Use PPC when you are doubtful: If you are doubtful about what keywords to target or the ROI that you can get from various marketing channels, then it is always advisable for you to start with PPC. Through PPC you will surely be able to spot the top-performing keywords and messages that can be utilized to optimize the website for SEO, advises marketing manager Jonathan Bentz.

Author: Robert Duke

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