Latest B2B Marketing Trends for the Upcoming Year

Latest B2B Marketing Trends for the Upcoming YearThe top priority of every company is to generate leads. So, if you are a B2B marketer, you must definitely be aware of the changing B2B marketing trends that play a major role in generating leads.

Based on the inputs of Marketing expert Lizzetta Staplefoote, we have listed down few latest marketing trends that can enable you to galvanize big projects.

  1. Know your customers: By knowing your customers properly, you can easily erect more applicable content strategies throughout the buying phase, post- purchase efforts, and account based on marketing activities. So, if you don’t know who you are addressing to, you won’t know what to say.
  1. Need of Quality Content: With the evolution of mobile devices and social media sites today, people are demanding instant information. So, in- order to cater to the needs of the customers’ brands are turning into publishers. Therefore, their content must highly focus on the tastes of the narrowly targeted audience apart from that the content must be compelling with grammatical accuracy.
  1. Master the mobile technology : As mobile devices are the breeding ground of engagement. So, you must modify your mobile strategy to include the totality of content execution. You must design your content based on the users’ screen resolution. Instead of long info graphics, blogs or articles you should shrink the content into bite size chunks so that it can be viewed easily through mobile devices.
  1. Spend money on the right platform: In – order to engage hard- to – reach business consumers, B2B marketing teams should spend more time and money in paid or sponsored placements. Already in late 2013 changes to the Facebook algorithm have produced a 44% turn down in non-sponsored brand content in users’ news feeds. So, the days of cost free reach are over, therefore today popular social networking sites like Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest offer sponsored content placements and ads that assure specific reach. According to several marketing experts you must firstly identify which digital properties are performing best for you after knowing this you must build budgets and relationships around sponsorship opportunities, content placement, content recommendation platforms and syndication services.

Author: Robert Duke

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