How To Test Your Email Before You Kick-Start Your Email Marketing Campaign

You cannot be sure what may work for you when it comes to email marketing. But you can surely conduct various tests to measure the effectiveness of your emails. Testing the email enables you to analyze how your email performs when its different elements are altered and sent to target customers at different times. You can also evaluate how your open rate and click-through rate change when you make changes in your email content, call to action positions, design, scheduling, and many other elements.

The process of email testing requires establishing a hypothesis, testing different versions of your email on few groups from your segmented customers, finding out the actual results and then comparing the actual results with your estimations. Some of the elements you can experiment with are listed below.

Testing The Visual Appearance

The design, look and feel of your email is a significant element. Also, over-designing may make your email look very promotional. While testing your email’s visual appearance and the probable reaction of the reader after reading it, you must try out different visual styles depending on your target customers and their preferences. Once you are ready with different email templates, send them to various small sized groups and analyze the responses received using each different template. This will help you select the design that works best for you.

Email Content

Right from the subject line to the body of your email, content really matters. No matter how good your email looks, it may not appeal the reader if it’s poorly worded. You may draft your email in different ways and send them to your selected groups to know the response. 

Testing The Structure

Marketers may test the structure or layout of their email and arrange the message in different order to test what structure is best suited for their email campaigns.

Testing The Timing

Your success in email marketing highly depends on the timing of your emails. The best time to send out marketing emails will depend on the kind of products, solutions or services that you have to offer to your customers. Testing what time is best suited for you to schedule your email campaigns will require you to send emails at different times to different groups and compare the open rates and click-through rates.

Call To Action (CTA) Positioning

Similar to how you test the other elements of your email, you may also check how well you can position the call to action buttons to get the maximum response from your email campaigns. You may send test emails with different CTA positioning and send them to different focused groups. You can choose the position which gives you maximum results.

There are numerous tools and techniques to test your marketing emails such as A/B testing and others. Hope the above-listed methods help you better plan your email marketing campaigns.



Author: Robert Duke

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