How to Make the Most Out of Social Media for Your Startup

  • May 30, 2014
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
  • Category: Social Media

Today social media has become a vital part of our lives; these social networks have positively influenced a vast majority of people. However, you must know that although social networking sites can prove to be quite effective for your business, harnessing its enormous potential can also be challenging.

According to industry experts, every business especially Startups should definitely incorporate social media to a great extent in order to maintain a balanced marketing strategy. Over the years it has been noticed that campaigns and promotions through social media have been witnessing huge response from millions of people and can prove to be quite useful for any business enterprise that is about to take off. Here are the five tips to make the most out of Social Media for your Startup by “Elance.”

1. Engage with customers and clients through forums:

It is necessary for every entrepreneur to interact with their customers in order to improvise and build their brand name. Especially for startups, open forums can prove to be quite beneficial as it is an inexpensive way of communicating with customers to know their viewpoints regarding the freshly launched goods and services.

2. Check your client’s request:

In- order to gain more business, every startup firm should track down their customer query and supply necessary solution at a faster pace. This can be only done quite easily through social networking sites, as nowadays client’s in-order to get their issues resolved, opt more to post them on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter rather than posting the problem in the internal e-mail support of a company.

3. Furnish virtual gifts:

You can engage your customers more with your business by offering virtual gifts on social media sites. These gifts can be purchased by your customers or Facebook users who can then send them to a friend through Facebook or e- mail, which can be redeemed by the person who receives it. By this your business is sure to gain viral attention as a publication of an eGift appears in the recipients Facebook feed for other friends to notice. Offering Virtual gifts can be quite beneficial for your business and can also boost up your sales.

4. Add video contents:

Potential businesses can always be generated by an embedded video about your company and a brief description about its services and products, which can prove to be quite informative to those who visit your social media page. This is because if the video broadcast on the official page is reposted by someone, Facebook will automatically add a white watermark hotlink to the top of your video that links back to your original page through which everyone will know from where it actually originated. This is a great technique to let your videos go viral.

5. Create useful content for your website by using Skype:

In- order to get more people visit your site, you must record the call by interviewing someone who is quite proficient in a field related to your business, with the usage of Skype. By using Skype you can also record group discussions. These recordings can be later given to people who subscribe to your blog. Likewise, over Skype you can give out free consultation services to your clients.