How Marketers Can Have Better Alignment With Sales

sales_alignmentIn every business organization both marketing team and sales team goes hand in hand because whatever marketing strategy is implemented for lead generation its main beneficiary is the sales team. Your life as a marketer is sure to become much uncomplicated if you have buy –in of the sales team. So, in order to ensure there is buy-in from sales at the commencement of the procedure, you must provide your sales team with a “lead attribute worksheet,” which can facilitate sales team to rank each value assigned to a lead. This worksheet will not only improve the general quality of the lead scoring program but will also involve sales early in the process. Laura Cross, Eloqua, lists down five steps following which marketers can have better alignment with sales.

1. Define Explicit & Implicit criteria, for instance Job Function, Webcast Attendee.

2. Define principles for every Explicit Criteria, for instance – values A – G.

3. Select sales representatives to complete the worksheet by giving them the Criteria and Values. Despite that ask them to weigh every 1 to 3. 1= Low Value, 2= Moderate Value 3= High Value.

4. Combine all the answers of the sales representatives into one worksheet. Calculate the total score. Total score is the weighted average divided by the number of sales representatives involved in the process. For instance: Value A for Job Function was 15 Total Score, divided by 5 sales representatives = Weighted Average 3.0.

5. Each explicit and implicit criteria, is of High Value, Moderate Value or Low Value based on the Weighted Average. With this information you can make sure your lead scoring categories and attributes are 100 percent in alignment with sales’ advance to a qualified lead.




Author: Robert Duke

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