Guidelines for a Thriving Direct Mail Campaign

Guidelines for a Thriving Direct Mail CampaignAccording to several researches Direct Mail Campaign is one of the most reasonable and effective marketing strategy. Therefore every business organization must follow certain tips for a successful direct mail campaign. Here is the list below.

Start with the mail piece

An attractive and well designed direct mail is sure to grab maximum attention of the readers; therefore it’s quite essential to make it attractive and ingenious. While developing your mail piece concentrate on the important elements like size, dimension, color and layout to make it prominent. Apart from that, you must illustrate your message and promote it in the first paragraph by making an appealing offer. Always keep in mind to point out your distinctiveness and show the readers that you are better than your competitors, by highlighting the benefits of your product or service and by repeating it at least three times in the piece. In- order to improve response rates you can ask the readers to tick boxes, answer a question, fill the blanks, circle words, etc. By these fun filled methods you can engage the reader to send something back to you.

1. Concentrate on Target
Mailing lists are quite important for your postal campaign, as the mailing list you settle on will build or smash your postal campaign. So, you must seriously consider the target who you are attempting to reach. Databases of business and residential names and addresses can be availed for approximately any type of mailing, therefore the more specific you are with your selection the faster, cheaper and better the results you can obtain.

  • Consider industry, SIC code, geography, revenue, company size, business size, annual sales, number of employees and job titles for a business list.
  • Consider household income, geography, age, gender, profession, number of children, credit status, buying patterns, hobbies, and special interests for a consumer list.

In- order to target your best prospects you need to be as specific as you can. By targeting the right and best customer you can save both time and money for you and your company.

2. Testing is Important
Mailing lists are usually large, so instead of sending it out to the entire list, firstly you must try sending your promotion to a small test group. This test will enable you to decide how well the list will execute. You may also try out a new list to compare with the one that works better for you and see the results.

3. Record your success
In- order to measure the results of your campaign, make sure that you have your tools ready before it starts. This can be performed by allocating key code to the list, this is essential specifically if you are utilizing more than one list and want to see which one works best. Responses are identified to the right key code as they appear. You must surely spend time analyzing the results when your campaign is over. Verify which mailing lists worked and failed and what the reasons for its failure are. This knowledge is sure to help improve the results of your next campaign.



Author: Robert Duke

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