Generation of Sales leads using B2B Media

Now-a- days, in B-B marketing, it became a tough challenge for marketers to select which method or media should be implemented for generating sales leads. From traditional advertising to social media, those choices are daunting. So, if you are wondering that what is going to be the effective social media channel that can grab maximum attention and increase sales? Then, you must definitely consider the listed below top b-to-b prospecting platforms analyzed by Ruth P.Stevens.

1. Telemarketing: In a recent survey, it was concluded that, generation of sales leads through telemarketing is of the highest quality as it is interactive two way communication. In this approach, we can determine who the best prospects are and who are not by asking some specific relevant questions.

2. Email marketing: Email marketing is an effective mechanism to reach thousands of potential customers directly at a relatively low cost. The information is sent out more like a laser guided missile rather than a bomb. It often includes an option to have a feedback mechanism, so that the potential customers can tell directly their likes and dislikes.

3. Search Engine marketing: Searching marketing and Lead generation are closely associated to each other. For B2B search marketers, the hardest part is grabbing the customer’s attention, motivating them to engage with them website. Search marketers should be pro active with web traffic reporting by keeping significant web metrics.

4. Tradeshows: According to the industry experts, Trade shows are one of the traditional B-to-B marketing methods. In fact, they provide a locale for attaining large number of leads in short span of time. The objective of the trade show may be either introducing an offer or service or product. Tradeshows is an excellent way for business growth because product or service testing is carried out to gain industry or customer opinion.

5. Referral marketing: This is a tough one however if we are on the right track, then referral marketing helps in maintaining a loyal base of customers. Once a client is happy and happy, the likelihood is that he cannot consider changing over to any company and can promote equally. But this may backfire if the services don’t seem to be up to the mark. Then the promotion will snowball into negative promotion for the product or service, therefore it’s not solely necessary to take care of service levels however conjointly to satisfy customer’s expectations.

Author: Robert Duke

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