Critical Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid Making

Critical-Web-Design-Mistakes-You-Must-Avoid-MakingYour website represents your brand so it is quite important to make it super sleek with up-to date information, which can grab maximum attention of the viewers. Moreover, your website should work in a proper way and allow people to do what they want; this is mainly applicable in case of E-commerce and advertising business. Whatever industry or business you are talking about, it is always advisable to design your site in such a way so that it is appropriate for your business and works well by generating great results. However, for designing a site that will convert you need to avoid making a few deadly mistakes listed below.

  1. Installing several plug-ins: By installing too many plug-ins you are sure to slow down your website. Moreover, the plug-ins gives very handy security holes for hackers to weasel their way in and cause destruction. So, instead of installing too many plug-ins, get the same features that plug-ins provide from your web developer. As these added features are custom coded they generally utilize fewer resources which make your site faster and they are interconnected with your overall web design.
  1. Too Small font size: This is the most common mistake, which people have started to realize with the passage of time. Earlier the standard font size was 12px, which was normally followed by everyone. But now, when a screen is 24 inches away from someone’s face then it is quite hard for that person to read 12 px fonts. So, in-order to get maximum attention from people in limited time you must increase your font size to make the visitors realize that they are in the right place.
  1. No striking color for CTA button: If you want your audience to take immediate action, then you must make sure that your call to action button has a good accent color, which can easily draw attention of the viewers. If your call to action button is not bright enough or the color is clashing with the other colors of your website then you are sure to be at a loss.

Author: Robert Duke

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