How Can Email Marketing Drive Visitors to Your Blog?

We all know that marketing of any product or service is done to influence decision makers well before they have made up their minds. With digital transformation spreading all across, consumers are no longer only dependent on people’s opinion. Before asking a real person or a consulting firm, they engage themselves in finding out information about the work you do and how trustworthy can you be with your offering.

Hence, it becomes necessary for you to have a website whereby one click users will get to know about you and your services. A dull website with nothing to go through other than mere about us and products sections is likely to bore the visitors. Now, here arises the need to fill your web page with relevant content so that people visiting finds it informative and interesting.

But, if you think that by just developing content and publishing it on the web will attract prospects to view your page then you are wrong. No matter how competitive and unique your blog is, there are high chances that it may fail to serve your purpose of generating traffic. Hence, it becomes necessary for you to market your content letting your customers or clients know that something fresh is on the blog. And to do so, the best and perhaps the most effective way is to combine email and blogging strategies. With a view to make people see, consume and share your blogging, you can follow the ways mentioned below:

Appearance matters!

There is a famous saying that “the first impression is the last impression,” and it not only applies to your personality but also it is applicable when you are designing the look of your blog and the email campaign. If you’ve got a blog then it is obvious that you’ll also have some interrelated email strategy, like the newsletter, highlighting the best bits of content, or a simple email alert, informing about the latest happenings on your website, particularly the blog section. So, you just can’t randomly send an unattractive email newsletter to you customer which they may never open due to its disappointing appearance. As a result, all your effort just goes in vain.

To avoid such mistakes, you need to put in a great thought on how your blog appears and, particularly how it will appear via email.

So, hurry! Go and talk to your development team and with their help design your emails and blogs in a way that suits the context and mood of the content.

Give Catchy Titles

A good headline is always successful in capturing people’s attention and making them click on it to know more. Be it your email or your blog, you should always focus on giving it a great title.

For getting that perfect title, you need to take help of some expert people in the field. While framing the heading, you need to keep your target audience in mind and what they are interested in. You can easily do so with the assistance of professional bloggers and by performing some A/B testing.

Right Content for the Right Reader

Before directing your emails to everyone on the mailing list, make sure that you know your customer well. You just can’t feed all your customers with every piece of content you produce, irrespective of the fact that whether it may be of any use to them or not. Hence, on a professional note, it is essential on your part to disseminate your content with reference to who the target audience is. So, try to collect helpful material on your readers and clients all along their customer journey, using which you can frame your blog content accordingly. Direct the best of your blog posts towards the people for whom it matters and see the difference it makes in your traffic report.

Be it a small business or a big one, email and blog integration strategy will work wonders for both. So, stop thinking and start acting on how you can make your blog more appealing to readers so that both your traffic and conversion rate goes up.


Author: Robert Duke

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